Clara Oswald, the ride of a lifetime with the Doctor

Clara’s adventures with the Doctor has ended for now, she took of with her own TARDIS through the space and time, along Ashildr. We may see her back, sometime in the future, but for now it’s time for a farewell goodbye. Jenna Coleman looks back at “the best part of my life” at the of series 9.

Jenna Coleman’s hardest scene: shen explains which Doctor Who moment was her toughest, inside a Dalek.

Arthur Darvill and IKEA Soft Toys for Education 2014

Arthur Darvill (known as Rory Williams or Rory Pond or Amy’s Rory or the boy who waited) lent his voice to a story for the IKEA Soft Toys For Education Campaign to raise money to support educational projects around the world, run by Save the Children and UNICEF:

For every IKEA soft toy purchased as part of the Soft Toys for Education campaign between 26th October and 27th December 2014, the IKEA Foundation will donate €1 to support these educational projects.

Billie Piper about Who’s the best kisser – David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston?

The former Doctor Who companion, also known as Rose Tyler, has snogged both the ninth and tenth Doctors – and a young fan wants to know who was best… Billie Piper was at Q&A Awesome Con DC 2014 and this little boy came to the mic and said his mother offered to pay him $20 for asking who is a better kisser… David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston. In the end the kid made out with $100.

The question was rather sensitive, and they got an equally sensitive answer.

“I think I’ve kissed David more, so I think we are more practised, more well-versed, and therefore our technique is somewhat better.”

Not Another Happy Ending (2013) Official Trailer

If you are interested to find more about Karen Gillan’s career you should watch this comedy when it hits the cinemas.

When a struggling publisher discovers his only successful author is blocked he knows he has to unblock her or he’s finished. With her new found success, she’s become too damn happy and she can’t write when she’s happy.The only trouble is, the worse he makes her feel, the more he realizes he’s in love with her.

Director: John McKay, writer: David Solomons.

Cast: Karen Gillan (Jane Lockhart), Stanley Weber (Tom Duval), Iain De Caestecker (Roddy), Amy Manson (Darsie), Kate Dickie (Anne Lefevre), Freya Mavor (Nicola Ball), John Bett (Mr. McLeish), Louise Goodall (Dr. Klinsch), Gary Lewis (Benny Lockhart), Henry Ian Cusick (Willie).

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Billie Piper in Sky heist drama Foxtrot and Sam Mendes psychosexual horror series Penny Dreadful

Skyfall director Sam Mendes has gathered together a group of James Bond stars for new “psychosexual” period horror Penny Dreadful: Eva Green and Rory Kinnear (who starred in Casino Royale and Skyfall) will join former 007 Timothy Dalton in the series created by John Logan. Billie Piper is among the cast.

Set in Victorian London, Penny Dreadful unites disparate characters from classic Gothic novels including Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Penny Dreadful is executive-produced by Mendes and Logan for US Network Showtime and will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic, who are co-funding the series. You can find more information about it here.

Also, Doctor’s companion, Billie Piper, has been cast in another drama for Sky, the heist drama Foxtrot, a play about a gang heist gone wrong, alongside Ben Whishaw and Lindsay Duncan.

The drama was written by playwright Polly Stenham, and will be shown as part of Sky Arts’ Playhouse Presents, making Piper the third Doctor Who star to work on the strand.

Details can be found here.

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Catherine Tate filming Superbob in London

According to Radio Times. Catherine Tate is soon to be filming Superbob in London, a movie about a postman who gets superpowers after a meteor crashes to Earth, but his new found power doesn’t help his terrible luck with the ladies. We watch as he embarks on his first date in six years.. This new British movie will star Catherine Tate, Brett Goldstein (Derek), Laura Haddock (The Inbetweeners Movie), Ruth Sheen (Run Fat Boy Run) and Ricky Grover (Getting On).

The movie’s director, Jon Drever, has also produced a short film of the same name: Bob Kenner is a Superhero. This is the first time he has granted an interview. However, this new movie, Superbob, will be his feature debut.

Karen Gillan, the space pirate in Guardians of the Galaxy

Do you remember the beautiful Doctor Who companion that helped the Doctor to investigate whereabouts of missing crew on board a 17th century pirate ship in the episode The Curse of the Black Spot?

Well… accordingly to Radio Times Karen Gillan is going to continue the pirates adventures. This time she will be playing a villain in the upcoming Marvel flick from director James Gunn: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Plot: a jet pilot gets stranded in space, and must unite a diverse team of aliens to form a squad capable of defeating cosmic threats.

Director James Gunn, screenplay by James Gunn, Chris McCoy and Nicole Perlman, based on comic book by Dan Abnett, Gene Colan, Arnold Drake, Steve Englehart, Andy Lanning.

Cast: Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Chris Pratt (Peter Quill / Star-Lord), Lee Pace, Karen Gillan, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Rooker (Yondu), John C. Reilly (Rhomann Dey), Glenn Close, Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer), Ophelia Lovibond, Melia Kreiling, Enzo Cilenti.


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K-9 comes Back to Earth for Stargazing Live

Doctor Who companion, K-9, comes back to Earth for Stargazing LiveRadio Times proudly announces that the robot dog K-9, the Doctor’s faithful companion for so many years, is back on our screens from tonight, sharing his knowledge of space and time in Stargazing Live.

The BBC2 astronomy series presented by Dara O Briain and Professor Brian Cox (who made an appearance in last year’s Doctor Who episode The Power of Three) returns for a third run spanning three evenings this week and aims to encourage viewers to make the most of Britain’s night skies. Following the main show, Stargazing Live: Back to Earth will continue the chat and debate, with K-9 on hand to pose a “space brainteaser” to the audience.

Stargazing Live is on BBC2 at 8pm Tuesday 8-Thursday 10 January, followed at 9pm by Stargazing Live: Back to Earth

This should be something interesting to watch. 😀

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River Song – Her story, history, timeline from Doctor Who Confidential

 River Song is the companion of the Doctor, his love, who keeps meeting him in the wrong order. This is the chronological order of her life.

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The first official Doctor Who photo of Jenna-Louise Coleman

As it was announced a few weeks ago Jenna-Louise Coleman will play The Doctor’s new and as yet unnamed companion in the hit British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who. Coleman will be introduced to audiences for the first time in the show’s 2012 Christmas Special following the departure of the current companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, who will leave in episode 5 of the upcoming Series (7).

The source of the image is BBC America on tumblr.

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Weeping angels and final Amy and Rory’s episode in New York

As Caroline Skinner revealed at the official Doctor Who convention in Cardiff and says, the shooting location for the fifth episode of seventh series of Doctor Who will happen in New York. It will mark the final episode for Amy Pond and Rory Williams and it marks the return of the Weeping Angels.

They say that Stephen Moffat was teasing: “Not everybody gets out alive – and I mean it this time!”