Doctor Who Magazine DWM special edition April 2019

DWM’s Special Edition on Costume Design explored how the look of a Doctor Who episode evolves from sketch to screen. It was on sale Thursday 18th April 2019, RRP £5.99.

You found out more about dressing the Doctor from William Hartnell to Jodie Whittaker.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM special edition April 2019
Doctor Who Magazine DWM special edition April 2019

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 535

In that issue you were in deep space, exploring the mysteries of season 18. You also get an exclusive preview of the new box set.

There were an exclusive interview about how Christopher H Bidmead reprogramed Doctor Who. And the computer said yes.

The DWM Issue 535 was out on sale Thursday 7 February 2019.

How to get into the TARDIS

When the first plan fails horrible what can you do?

Some crazy Daleks got a plan, an entire plot actually, to deliver pizzas until some hungry Time Lord eats all the food stored in the TARDIS and he / she gets out to get some more.

Women wanted

Do you happen to know who’s this women from series 6 of new Doctor Who?

She is wanted by the Time Lords.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 534

Doctor Who Magazine’s Paul Kirkley delivers his verdict on Resolution, the New Year’s Day Special:

Jodie Whittaker is on winning form throughout her festive debut, and her first encounter with her oldest enemy. When the Doctor realises exactly what it is she’s up against, her reaction is one of real, visceral terror, while the stand-off at the farm (“Me and a Dalek – it’s personal”) feels properly iconic. But she’s also gauche and goofy and charming and, thankfully, gets a day off from the slightly clumsy speechifying.

Director Wayne Yip takes Chris Chibnall’s most blockbuster script and runs with it, delivering a punchy, adrenaline-fuelled actioner worthy of any Hollywood franchise. Or maybe it would be more accurate to talk about Hollywood franchises being worthy of Doctor Who: if only bloated beasts like Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War were as nimble and light on their feet as this, or had the chutzpah to save the world armed with nothing more than a ready wit and a portable combination oven.

You can read the full review in Doctor Who Magazine issue 534, on sale Thursday 10 January.

Some other thing you should know about this issue.

Space: 1979 Dalekmania strikes again

You’ve got a friend: The Time Team meet Ben, Polly, Ace and Martha

Six Pack: the fans rising to cosplay’s greatest challenge

Heartbreak hotel: Inside the God complex

Speak of the Devil: Tom Baker reveals Scratchman and goes out of the TARDIS

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 533

DWM issue 533 of Doctor Who Magazine includes a preview of the New Year’s Day episode, Resolution. Guest stars Charlotte Ritchie and Nikesh Patel, director Wayne Yip and writer Chris Chibnall feature in
this Doctor Who Magazine’s exclusive preview.

Also in this issue you can find an exclusive interview with Sharon D. Clarke, the actress who played Grace O’Brien in the 2018 series. Also Frazer Hines pulls some crackers from DWM’s TARDIS tin.

There is a tribute to the writer, story editor and producer Derrick Sherwin, the one who oversaw the series’ transition from black and white into colour.

A free double-sided poster, The Blogs of Doom, reviews, news, prize-winning competitions and more.

Doctor Who Magazine 533 is on sale for the price £5.99.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 533

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 532

In issue 532 of Doctor Who Magazine you can read an exclusive interview with Mandip Gill. You can also preview the final four episodes of Series 11, Ray Holman’s Team TARDIS cosplay tips, Wilf returns and Bernard Cribbins answers questions from our TARDIS tin and much more.

‪Doctor Who’s Christmas Special is now to be a New Years Day special.

DWM issue 532 is out today, Thursday 15 November.‬Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 532

River Song and the 13th Doctor

This looks interesting, a bound between the Doctor and the woman in love with him I’ve never thought about before.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 531

Doctor Who Magazine issue 531 is out Thursday 18 October 2018, and there’s an exclusive interview with Bradley Walsh in the latest issue of DWM. Plus previews of the next four episodes and Thirteenth Doctor cosplay.

Let’s rack up with the Radders!

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 531

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 530

DWM goes on set with Jodie Whittaker, the latest Doctor. You can read their exclusive interview and previews of her first two episodes.

You also have there the latest updates from showrunner Chris Chibnall, a huge prize-winning competition and much more.

The new issue will be out Thursday 20 September 2018.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 530

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 529

This new issue contains some exclusive information: Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole write for DWM! Read the #DoctorWho diary they kept during their visit to San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Plus showrunner Chris Chibnall, and the writers and directors of Series 11!

DWM 529 is on sale Thursday 23 August 2018.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 529 polybag

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 529

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 528

In this new issue of Doctor Who Magazine the showrunner Chris Chibnall reveals the meticulous preparations that went into announcing Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor in the original trailer. Despite all the secret plotting, the plan nearly came off the tracks when their cover was in danger of being blown by a wedding and a Velothon…

The new TARDIS crew describes filming for Series 11. You will visit the archive of Doctor Who writer and script editor Douglas Adams. Also you will find the untold story of Sky Ray ice lollies and Doctor Who, with images of rare 1960s memorabilia. The Fact of Fiction explores the 2017 story Empress of Mars.

DWM issue 528 is on sale Thursday 26 July, price £5.99.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 528

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 527

The DWM issue 527 will be out on Thursday 28 June 2018 and includes exclusive interviews with Wendy Padbury and Sophie Aldred, plus ‘Out of the TARDIS’ with Carole Ann Ford, the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 527

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 526

DWM 526 includes an exclusive interview with Tom Baker as he revisits his first series as the Fourth Doctor. As part of DWM’s detailed preview of the forthcoming Season 12 Blu-ray set, the actor reflects on the role that changed his life. In the issue #526 you can find interviews with Roger Murray-Leach, Georgia Tennant and Jessica Martin, information about Kevin Lindsay, about the life and career of the Australian actor who played Styre in Season 12’s The Sontaran Experiment.

Doctor Who Magazine #526 is on sale from Thursday 31 May, price £5.99.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 526

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 525

From cut scenes to completely edited-out characters, DWM 525 reveals the best bits of Doctor Who you never got to see.

The issue include an interview with Will Oswald, an editor on Doctor Who from 2007 to 2017, and an interview with Michelle Ryan, the Time Team regenerates and Out of the TARDIS with Janet Fielding – she chats about the return of her character Lady Christina de Souza.

Doctor Who Magazine was on sale from Thursday 3 May at WH Smith and all good newsagents, price £5.99. It was available digitally from

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 525

DWM special issue: In the Studio

The new Doctor Who Magazine was released yesterday, 19 April 2018. Find out production secrets from the heart of Doctor Who: the special issue takes you behind the making-of the shwow in studio, from its relatively primitive beginnings at Lime Grove to the cutting edge of modern television production at Roath Lock!

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Special In the Studio