Michelle Gomez talks about being the first female Master

Michelle Gomez talks about playing a female Master in Doctor Who, and talks about whether she thinks the next Doctor after Peter Capaldi should also be a woman…

In another part of the same interview Michelle Gomez talks about what it’s been like to play Missy / The Master in the most recent Doctor Who series, starring Peter Capaldi… Would you like to see Michelle return as The Master in the next series? She will probably return in the series, sometimes in the future, anyway.

Don’t forget that the DVD of Doctor Who Season 8 is out on the 24th of November!

Exclusive Inside Look at ‘Death in Heaven’: Peter Capaldi

Let’s Get an Inside Look at season 8 finale, episode 12, Death in Heaven, with exclusive interview with The Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi: with Cybermen on the streets of London and the Missy / Mistress / Master leading them, old friends unite against old enemies, and the Doctor takes to the air in a startling new role.

Can the mighty UNIT contain Missy? As the Doctor faces his greatest challenge, sacrifices must be made before the day is won.

David Tennant about Dr. Who at David Letterman


According to David Tennant: ”It’s a bit like being the President. You’re always the Doctor.” There are 12 Doctors, but there were a movie with the war Doctor, so they are… ”aproximately 12”. And, to be more confusing, David Tennant’s father-in-law is the fifth Doctor, so when they are together people calling for the Doctor people are a little confused.

Exclusive Inside Look at Mummy on the Orient Express: Luxury Space Train at BBC America

Get an Inside Look at last episode broadcast by BBC, “Mummy on the Orient Express” with an Exclusive Interview with star Peter Capaldi.

“I would have been quite happy to knock about in that train — there was a bar and a singer… So everything is very glamorous, and there is a hint of the ’20s in the whole thing…”

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Karen Gillan about faking an American accent & Alabama


Karen Gillan made a surprise not long ago by talking with a perfect American accent and with no track of her native Scottish accent. She explains her new accent to Jimmy Kimmel while talking about her new sitcom Selfie.


You know, right?, that Karen Gillan moved from Great Britain to the US to film in Alabama after her great exit from Doctor Who she. She talks about that.

Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy nominated “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” ABC’s late-night talk show.

Peter Capaldi about the Hardest Part of Being The Doctor – BBC America exclusive

Being the Doctor is a furfiled dream for Peter Capaldi, but that’s not exactly easy for him: hear from the Twelfth Doctor about the hardest part of being the last of the Time Lords, what makes his character different from the past incarnations – and why coming to work on Doctor Who is always a pleasure.

“It’s terrifying and easy. Some days it’s very terrifying because you’re playing this iconic character that people love and you’ve got to deliver it. You’re making Doctor Who. Who doesn’t want to get up in the morning and come and work on Doctor Who. You’d be crazy not to.”

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Series 8, episode 1, Deep Breath inside look – BBC America

Get an inside look at first episode of the series 8, Deep Breath, with exclusive interviews with stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman for BBC America.

“I think in the first episode, The Doctor is struggling to try and find out who he is…”

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Emma Campbell-Jones about The Night of The Doctor & Peter Capaldi

The actress Emma Campbell-Jones, aka Cass in The Night of the Doctor, chats about working with Paul McGann, whether she’d like to see a Paul McGann Doctor Who spin-off and what she thinks of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. She had said she would be very interested in seeing a Paul McGann spin-off: she would reprise her role as Cass “in a heartbeat.”

National Television Awards 2014: Radio Times meets Jenna Coleman

The star who’s playing Doctor Who’s companion tells Radio Times how filming for series eight is going – and what to expect from BBC’s new Time Lord Peter Capaldi.

Jenna Coleman is confident that the next series of Doctor Who, and Peter Capaldi, will be “great”. She talked about filming for Doctor Who series eight last night, after the BBC1 sci-fi show won two awards at the National Television Awards for best drama and best dramatic performance.

Lindsay Duncan talking about Le Week-End and Doctor Who

You may recall that Lindsay Duncan appeared in “The Waters of Mars” as Adelaide, one of the Doctor’s companions, in 2009. She says her character can not return to the show because she died – a fixed point in space and time that can not be changed. More details in the interview… enjoy. 🙂

Phillip Morris talking about recovering missing Doctor Who episodes

Archive television recovery expert Phillip Morris recalls how he found the film cans of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear sitting on a shelf, at a TV relay station in central Nigeria. For that find he earned the nickname Indiana Jones from the Television International Enterprises Archives (TIEA).

It’s Morris and his team’s job to assist overseas stations with the storage and migration of their materials and, on the outside of that, they recover lost British television programmes.

He goes on to explain how the prints – the largest single haul of episode returned since the junkings were halted – they were part of the ‘bicycling’ system of sharing TV programmes between territories, and shares his fond childhood memories of Target’s Doctor Who novelisations. Stories that can now be seen on screen for the first time in decades.

He admits masking tape played rather a crucial role: These episodes were discovered on a project we were working in Nigeria. And they were found in a TV station in Jos. Just sitting on the shelf, which I can remember now seeing a piece of masking tape, which said Doctor Who on it.

I thought ‘Oh, that’s interesting’, pulled the cans down I read the story codes. instantly of course recognized what the stories were and realized they were missing from the BBC’s archive. A lot of Doctor Who fans around the world are going to be happy.

These episodes had come from Hong Kong and they’d been on what’s called a bicycle system. So they traveled from this country to the next country to the next country and they came to be in Nigeria through this bicycle system. Not at the station in Nigeria they were actually sold to. They were at a relay station. The condition that those programmes were in when we found them, we were quite lucky, considering the temperatures we can be in the upper 40 degrees, luckily they’d been kept in the optimum condition.

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David Tennant talks about Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, Radio 2 Interview, April 2013

A radio interview with a picture of David Tennant in order to be on Youtube. Enjoy. 🙂

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Jenna-Louise Coleman about Clara’s flirty relationship with the Time Lord

Jenna-Louise Coleman is the new Doctor’s companion, her character already appeared in 2 episodes (Asylum of the Daleks and The Snowmen) just to be lost by the Doctor twice. Recently she has been talking to Radio Times about the sparky relationship that Clara Oswin Oswald has with Matt Smith’s Doctor:

 “They’re very flirty with each other,” she admits. “But at times it’s almost quite brotherly-sisterly. It’s kind of anything and everything. He’s like a parent, a child, a brother and a flirty kind of boyfriend type. Steven Moffat said that Clara finds the Doctor amazing and ridiculous in equal measure. I think that’s a good way to describe it.”

Talking on the set of The Bells of Saint John (the next episode), Jenna-Louise Coleman also reveals how the Doctor is going to react to having a new companion in his life following the departure of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, but you can find the rest of all these here.

Reading the interview I am only wondering who their relationship (Doctor and Clara’s) will follow… it can only be something wonderful.

Matt Smith’s interviews about the new series 7 episodes and Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Doctor Who will return to the screens this Saturday, with the Easter Special episode, so the actors and the trailers are in everyone attention. SFX, for example, buzzed the Eleventh Doctor himself, Matt Smith and started talking about Ice Warriors, Neil Gaiman, the big five-o and what it’s like to be a first class kind of chap…

This is a question I’ve never had a chance to ask anybody before: what’s it like being on a stamp?

It’s a great privilege that the nation will be licking the backs of our heads. It’s an amazing thing – I’m really proud to be part of it. It’s cool. it’s something that I can show my grandkids.

Would you feel a bit self-conscious, sticking it on a gas bill?

No, absolutely not. Take that, gas man! And give me some money off!

So the new series – we’ve seen the promo poster of you riding that great big bike. Are you good with bikes or was it a world of terror for you?

It was very exciting. I am innately very clumsy, and my mother has always forbidden me from getting a motorbike. I’ve driven mopeds before, abroad and stuff, without her knowing – well, now she knows. But that’s like a big old Harley looking bike, and I wouldn’t know where to begin… It was amazing filming those scenes. It was on a rig, and we got to sort of travel round London. Car rigs are different because you’re in a car, but being on a bike it’s like you’re on a sort of fairground ride. It was a really crisp, sunny day and we kept going around Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge and Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge and it was just one of those days where you think ‘This is a very privileged place to be for a day at work.’

The rest of the interview is here… Enjoy reading it.

Meantime, or something like that, Matt Smith has also talked to the people at Radio Times and, accordingly to the interview posted today, he has once again increased the hype ahead of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, calling it the biggest event in the history of the show. He also described Steven Moffat as one of the greatest science fiction writers around.

“I’ve read the first draft,” said Smith. “I think the whole of this season leads brilliantly up to what will be the biggest event in the history of the show. I say that with no hesitation, really. [Steven Moffat is] on top form and has delivered a thoroughly exciting, epic, vast science-fiction script. It’s really exciting.”

Shooting on the episode was originally slated to begin on Monday 18 March but has now been pushed back until April. Smith says he’s looking forward to filming a host of suprises and big Doctor Who moments scripted by showrunner Moffat.

The rest of the information is here.

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Jenna-Louise Coleman Confirms Clara Oswin Oswald in Series 8 – Full Radio 5 Interview

Yes, Jenna-Louise Coleman will play the role of Clara Oswin Oswald, Doctor’s companion, in the season 8. Filming will begin in September 2013 because of Matt Smith’s busy filming schedule (he recently landed a role in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut How To Catch A Monster).

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Jenna-Louise Coleman did not know the Doctor Who show when she auditioned for the role

We all know Jenna-Louise as the new Doctor Who companion, she was first introduced in the beginning of the series 7, but she “came back” in the Christmas special episode. Last Friday Digital Spy published a part of her interview recalling the Doctor Who audition.

“I didn’t really know anything about Doctor Who but [showrunner] Steven [Moffat] really liked that,” Coleman recalled.

The actress further explained: “[Being unfamiliar with the show] meant that when I went into the audition with Matt Smith I could be more spontaneous because I didn’t know him as the Doctor.

“And the plot seemed to evolve from audition to audition, with more scenes being written, and characters being introduced. There were times when I thought they had no idea what they wanted.”

You can find more information about the interview and the following trip to San Diego Comic-Con this summer over here.

Jenna-Louise Coleman talks about becoming the Doctor’s new companion for Inside TV @ EW.com

I don’l think that Jenna-Louise’s role is going presentation for Doctor Who fans: she was announced to appear in Doctor Who Christmas Special episode but she first appeared in the first episode of series 7, Asylum of the Daleks. If you stayed tuned to the new you know all the details.

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly Jenna-Louise Coleman talks, exclusively, about keeping her role in “Asylum of the Daleks” a secret and when fans might get some answers with regards to the Oswin/Clara conundrum. Durint the interview that can be found here the actress discuss about the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas show and reveals where Karen Gillan recommends you should eat next time you’re in Cardiff.


The interview can be found here.

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Matt Smith Radio 2 Interview Steve Wright October 2012

The interview was uploaded on Youtube today even if it was transmitted voice on on Radio 2.  Enjoy it… it’s fun listening Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, the youngerst Doctor ever, talking about Doctor Who series.

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Karen Gillan Interview The One Show Aug 2012

The interview is about the Amy’s final scenes in Doctor Who series and the Karen’s departure.

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Steven Moffat on Asylum of the Daleks Series 7

 Steven Moffat’s interview about the Asylum of the Daleks, the premiere of Doctor Who’s series 7. Scary Daleks, isn’t it?

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David Tennant on Becoming #newtoWHO, Doctor Who

 Are you #newtoWHO? The tenth Doctor David Tennant is here for you, he says “The thing about DW is that it’s very hard to explain and not sound like a lunatic!”

“I would say to anyone… Just watch 1 episode, because when you see it, it just makes perfect and beautiful sense! I’m not gonna try to explain it, it just won’t sound as good.”

Steven Moffat and Caro Skinner interview on Blink and the Weeping Angels

 Doctor Who: Ask the Execs. Executive Producers Steven Moffat and Caro Skinner answer for BBC One your questions about Weeping Angels and joining Doctor Who!

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Doctor Who prequel: Pond Life – Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill interviewed

 Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) introduce to BBC the dramatic, funny and fantastic Pond Life, a five-part mini-adventure featuring the Doctor, Amy and Rory.

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Matt Smith series 7 interview BBC News august 2012

One other interview with Matt Smith was published here, the next section is a part of it – you can read in full length on bbc.co.uk.

Donning the compulsory tweed for the third time, Matt Smith gets ready for more adventures through space and time as the Doctor. Here he talks about his hopes for the new series, what fans have to look forward to and saying goodbye to the Ponds.

Asylum Of The Daleks is going to be a cracker, states Matt as he talks excitedly about the opener of the new series. Steven has written and absolute belter and we have made the Daleks scary again, something I am not sure we got right before.

With Asylum Of The Daleks featuring Daleks from all of the decades, does Matt have any favourites?

Absolutely! The blue and white ones from the 1960s, I think they are from the Troughton era… they are just kind of groovy, smaller but fantastic. And the lovely Barnaby (Edwards) who operates them. The day we filmed with all of those Daleks there was such an excitable atmosphere on set from cast and crew alike. It was a brilliant few days at work!

With five big adventures for the Doctor and his companions, this series it is set to be epic. We have five of the most exciting standalone episodes, with everything from Daleks to dinosaurs and of course, the fall of the Ponds, explains Matt. So does he have a preferred episode?

Well I love Asylum of the Daleks and episode 5, but I am immensely proud of all of them.

The second episode sees viewers taken on an incredible prehistoric adventure with the unusually titled Dinosaurs On A Spaceship, so what did Matt think when he first heard those four words?

Steven, you are a genius! It’s Doctor Who in a nutshell. I have always wanted to do a dinosaur episode, he continues, so I was very pleased to get the chance. And the Director Saul (Metzstein) has done a fantastic job, with David Bradley playing a cracking villain. I think it is such a fun episode with a wonderfully crafted script by Chris Chibnall.

In the Radio Times article Steven Moffat reveals there’ll be new opening credits for each episode but asks the audience not to leak the strange occurrence in Asylum of the Daleks… It was a starry, saucy night at the BFI on London’s South Bank.

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