Zohra Sehgal, Doctor Who’s first Centenarian

As Doctor Who News announces, the actress Zohra Sehgal celebrated yesterday the 100th birthday, becoming the first Centenarian actress that appeared on Doctor Who series. She appeared alongside first Doctor William Hartnell in two stories: she played Sheyrah in the second episode of the 1965 story The Crusade and she also had a small role playing an attendant in three episodes of the 1964 story Marco Polo.

You can find more information about Zohra Sehgal here.

She returned to India in the mid-1990s where she has acted in several films, plays and TV series. She now lives in Delhi with her daughter, where she plans to celebrate her birthday with family and a few close friends from the artistic fraternity.

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Doctor Who star Matt Smith joins Disney poetry show for children

As BBC news and imdb.com announces, Doctor Who star Matt Smith is to take part in a Disney TV show aimed at introducing poetry to young audiences.

The 29-year-old will perform one of the readings on A Poem Is, a “short-form” series that twins celebrity poetry recitals with classic Disney animation.

Smith will read Once They All Believed in Dragons by Jack Prelutsky, the first US Children’s Poet Laureate.

The actor, who is currently filming his third Doctor Who series, said he had “always had an enthusiasm for poetry”.

He will be joined by Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams and Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery. The show begins on 30 April on the Disney Junior UK cable channel.

Doctor Who TARDIS 4G USB Memory Stick

One of the funniest things I found about lately is this Doctor Who TARDIS 4G USB Memory Stick that features a blue LED light and doubles up as a keyring so it can travel with you on all of your adventures.
Shipping Weight: 0.21 pounds

You can preorder it from here. Estimated to Arrive: September 2012

Their price: $29.99

Product Number: UND10517

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Star Trek meets Doctor Who: Forbidden planet, London, Wednesday 30th may 6 – 7pm

Some time ago I wrote about Star Trek meets Doctor Who and the announcement from The Huffington Post about an unholy alliance between “Star Trek’s” Borg and “Doctor Who’s” Cybermen into a story into crossover comics. It was also announced that the story will be published in May, courtesy of an IDW comic book.

Well, as it was later announced here:

Writer TONY LEE will be signing the Forbidden Planet Variant launch issue of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION / DOCTOR WHO – ASSIMILATION at The Forbidden Planet Megastore on Wednesday 30th May from 6:00 to 7:00pm.
The two greatest science-fiction properties of all time cross over for the first time in history!
When the Federation’s most terrifying enemy strikes an unholy alliance with one of the Doctor’s most hated antagonists, the result is devastation on a cosmic scale! Spanning the ends of space and time itself, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise find themselves joining forces with the Doctor and his companions, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance!

Comic writer Tony Lee’s work includes both the ongoing tenth and eleventh doctor comics and ‘Doctor Who: The Forgotten’ for IDW as well as ‘Rat Trap’, a 5th Doctor adventure for Big Finish. His graphic novel Hope Falls is being developed into a screenplay for Future Films and Danger Academy is currently being developed into a cartoon series for American TV.

For more about our signings please go to: http://forbiddenplanet.com/events/


Man offers theatre £50 for pair of former Doctor Who star’s David Tennant’s dirty socks

As far as I have watched online, David Tennant is a great actor (not only in Doctor Who, but also on stage). So I can not say I am surprised (I had some fun reading the news, but no surprise) when I’ve read about the man the offered the Royal Shakespeare Company money for David’s socks.

A FAN offered £50 for apair of David Tennant’s unwashed socks.

Theatre bosses revealed the man rang them after they announced that some costumes were for hire.

Lindsey Archer, a store assistant at the Royal Shakespeare Company, said: “We had one caller who asked if we were selling unwashed David Tennant socks.

“The man called three times.

“He was prepared to spend £50. We told him no.”

The request for socks came after the RSC, who are based in Stratford-upon-Avon, announced that the crown worn by Tennant during the company’s 2008 production of Hamlet is for hire.

The royal headgear can be rented for £20 a week.

BBC news: Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver ‘invented’ at Dundee University, Scotland, United Kingdom

 The Dundee University researchers have created a machine which uses ultrasound to lift and rotate a rubber disc floating in a cylinder of water.

It is said to be the first time ultrasound waves have been used to turn objects rather than simply push them.

The study could help make surgery using ultrasound techniques more precise, the physicists said.

Surgeons use ultrasound to treat a range of conditions without having to cut open a patient.

The ability to steer ultrasound waves to the precise spot where they are needed could make those treatments even more effective.

The ultrasound waves could also be used to guide a drug capsule through the body and activate it, for instance right inside a tumour.

Ultrasound waves could already be made to push objects and scientists believed they could also turn them – but the Dundee University team claims to have now proved it.

They used energy from an ultrasound array to form a beam that can both carry momentum to push away an object in its path and, by using a beam shaped like a helix or vortex, cause the object to rotate.

Dr Mike MacDonald, of the Institute for Medical Science and Technology (IMSAT) at Dundee, said: “This experiment not only confirms a fundamental physics theory but also demonstrates a new level of control over ultrasound beams which can also be applied to non-invasive ultrasound surgery, targeted drug delivery and ultrasonic manipulation of cells.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-17760077

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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock game retail release

The released date is still unknown, but the new Doctor Who game named The Eternity Clock will be have a limited retail release on PS3. You can pre-order it on Amazon for £ 17.99, but the game will be be digitally released on the PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation exclusive was originally set for March, but later it was delayed until sometime in April.

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Virgin Media suspends Doctor Who ad

As announced on The Drum.co.uk, Virgin Media has suspended one of its ads featuring David Tennant, former Doctor Who star, following a complaint by the BBC. A changed version of the ad is being produced.

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Karen Gillan on Twitter

As some of you already know about this, Karen Gillan had joined Twitter in April 12th, 2012. In less than a week she’s got over 78,000 followers. The account is: https://twitter.com/#!/KarenGillan2… so follow her. 😀

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith in New York
Karen Gillan and Brent Spinner (also known as Data from Star Trek - the next generation)

BBC is searching for all the Daleks known to man

As posted on Metro.co.uk, doctor Who producers have issued a worldwide appeal to borrow back Daleks that have been sold off for the series 7 of Doctor Who.

They require some of the ‘real’ aliens for Season 7, rather than use CGI versions of the metal-encased antagonists.

Executive producer Caroline Skinner explained: ‘We’re collecting every Dalek known to man. It’s going to be great.’

Caroline took to her twitter account to confirm one of the Daleks has already been successfully recruited – Russell T Dalek, which is owned by former Doctor Who screenwriter Russell T. Davies.

She added: ‘Russell T Davies’ Dalek has arrived on set – I’m talking her through her part! (sic)’

Filming series 7 of Doctor Who starts… tomorrow

As announced on the official site, filming the season 7 of Doctor Who will start tomorrow in Cardiff and somewhere in Wales. There were announced a lot of surprises, as usual, especially it’s already been confirmed that Toby Whithouse and Chris Chibnall are writing episodes for the new series of Doctor Who.

The first director to shout ‘action’ will be the award-winning Saul Metzstein whose previous credits include Micro Men (starring Alexander Armstrong and Martin Freeman), the critically acclaimed Late Night Shopping and BBC Wales’ Upstairs Downstairs. For the very first time, Doctor Who will be produced at the new BBC Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff, which officially open in March. The production team includes Steven Moffat (Executive Producer and lead writer), Caroline Skinner (Executive Producer) and Marcus Wilson (Producer).

The new series will see Matt Smith return as the Doctor in what Steven Moffat has described as ‘the biggest, the best and the most ambitious season we’ve ever made’. Karen Gillan (Amy) and Arthur Darvill (Rory) are both back, for what will be their final voyage with the Doctor – a thrilling rollercoaster ride which will culminate in a heart-breaking farewell to the Ponds. But there will be more shocks, surprises and adventures to come when the Doctor meets a new friend, in the last very place he could ever have expected…

Matt Smith is to feature on Top Gear as the “star in the reasonably priced car”

Matt Smith is going to feature on Top Gear as the “star in the reasonably priced car”. The show was recorded recorded last Wednesday, Matt will appear in the episode due to be broadcast at 8:00pm, 26th February on BBC2/BBCHD. The episode is 5th of 7, Series 18 with the duration 1 hour.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May pay tribute to quirky and recently deceased Swedish car maker Saab.

Richard Hammond races a rocket-powered flying man against a rally-spec Skoda and Jeremy smokes around the track in the Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale and the tyre shredding Mercedes C63 Black.

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