Jodie Whittaker, the thirteenth Doctor Who

My heart is still on fire, probably it’s a delayed heart attack, so you should call a Doctor. No, not a Doctor! The Doctor, the original one!

I’ve watched the trailer a few hours ago and I was curious about who Jodie Whittaker is… Now I found out more, and now I a curious what kind of Doctor she will be. For the moment she is the hottest sexiest Doctor in the series.

Guys and girls, stop arguing about the Doctor’s gender. It was about time your favorite Time Lord to go female, it’s not the first time in the history of Gallifrey and will not be the last one. If you want to argue about something argue about how the caracter is played or some other trivial stuff you want.

Ideological monsters – an essay

What do you think: does the general ideological interpretation of Doctor Who’s greatest monsters stand up to scrutiny? Are the historical parallels appropriate? This video looks at the various ways to interpret the show’s villains. And Daleks are the greatest.

About the Daleks: watch the ultimate trailer (1963 – 2015).

The start of series 9 (the first episode, The Magicians Apprentice, is tonight) is considered to be a great opportunity to put together a Ultimate Trailer looking back at the Daleks History in Doctor Who, right from the very beginning back in 1963 to there latest adventure ‘The Magicians Apprentice’/ ‘The Witches Familiar’!

Doctor Who and Halloween

As you already know, there are only a few days until Halloween. Tell me: have you prepared any costumes inspired from Doctor Who series?

I think it’s hard to be a Dalek, but there are so many monsters you can impersonate. Cybermen, for example. Or you can get a mask of Stavros or a hood as the headless monks… The lizard people, from inner Earth are cool enough for Halloween.

What do you think about the first five episodes of the series 7?

I am thinking in starting a new category about you opinion. About whatever, the only condition is to be a part of the Doctor Who universe. For the moment I am interested about the first 5 episodes of series 7, but the subject will be changed from one question to another.

Let’s recap a little the first 5 episodes in the new series of Doctor Who: the Ponds are gone. Forever gone. The Doctor can not rescue them, they lived a long happy life together and they died. Jenna-Louise Coleman, the know Doctor Who companion will replace Amy and Rory in Christmas Special episode, but she was introduced in the first episode of the series, Asylum of the Daleks. It remains to see if she will act the same character or it’s a brand new one.

So, what do you think about the series 7 so far? Do you like it? What do you consider to be wrong or what you should change over there?