Doctor Who fan art: Amy Pond and The Song of Your Sadness

Deviantart: the song of your sadness by alicexz
Deviantart: the song of your sadness by alicexz


The source of the image is Deviantart: The Song of Your Sadness by `alicexz

The categories are: Digital Art / Paintings & Airbrushing / Illustrations / Conceptual

“Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness.”
“I’m not sad.”
“Then why are you crying?”

Do you remember the episode Vincent and the Doctor? The one with the great painter Vincent van Gogh, and the visit the Doctor and Amy Pond made him.

According to the author of the previous image:

A painting I spent many, many hours Livestreaming, this is my tribute to the magnificent Amy Pond, who inspired Vincent van Gogh in her adventures with the Doctor. I hope if Amy stayed with Vincent longer he might’ve painted something like this – something that showed her inner sadness, something he could empathize with.

I can only say: great work!


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