Comic-Con: Showrunner Steven Moffat and Producer Caroline Skinner Talk about Doctor Who

It’s not much until the broadcast of the next season of Doctor Who, but until then the cast and creative team headed down to Comic-Con for a presentation and panel. They talked about what to expect on upcoming episodes, the new companions and more.

As you know, this season will see the last days of the Ponds, with Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) returning for their final rollercoaster voyage with The Doctor (Matt Smith), and then see a dramatic turn of events when The Doctor meets a new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

During this interview, showrunner Steven Moffat and producer Caroline Skinner talked to the press about being half-way through in shooting this new season, what fans can expect from the upcoming episodes, how epic it is to say goodbye to Amy and Rory, how emotional the read-through was for the final episode with The Ponds, why New York was the perfect place for their farewell, what makes time travel into the past more fun than time travel into the future, and how the introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman’s companion has changed things.

You can read the interview here.


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