Jenna-Louise Coleman did not know the Doctor Who show when she auditioned for the role

We all know Jenna-Louise as the new Doctor Who companion, she was first introduced in the beginning of the series 7, but she “came back” in the Christmas special episode. Last Friday Digital Spy published a part of her interview recalling the Doctor Who audition.

“I didn’t really know anything about Doctor Who but [showrunner] Steven [Moffat] really liked that,” Coleman recalled.

The actress further explained: “[Being unfamiliar with the show] meant that when I went into the audition with Matt Smith I could be more spontaneous because I didn’t know him as the Doctor.

“And the plot seemed to evolve from audition to audition, with more scenes being written, and characters being introduced. There were times when I thought they had no idea what they wanted.”

You can find more information about the interview and the following trip to San Diego Comic-Con this summer over here.


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