Matt Smith’s interviews about the new series 7 episodes and Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Doctor Who will return to the screens this Saturday, with the Easter Special episode, so the actors and the trailers are in everyone attention. SFX, for example, buzzed the Eleventh Doctor himself, Matt Smith and started talking about Ice Warriors, Neil Gaiman, the big five-o and what it’s like to be a first class kind of chap…

This is a question I’ve never had a chance to ask anybody before: what’s it like being on a stamp?

It’s a great privilege that the nation will be licking the backs of our heads. It’s an amazing thing – I’m really proud to be part of it. It’s cool. it’s something that I can show my grandkids.

Would you feel a bit self-conscious, sticking it on a gas bill?

No, absolutely not. Take that, gas man! And give me some money off!

So the new series – we’ve seen the promo poster of you riding that great big bike. Are you good with bikes or was it a world of terror for you?

It was very exciting. I am innately very clumsy, and my mother has always forbidden me from getting a motorbike. I’ve driven mopeds before, abroad and stuff, without her knowing – well, now she knows. But that’s like a big old Harley looking bike, and I wouldn’t know where to begin… It was amazing filming those scenes. It was on a rig, and we got to sort of travel round London. Car rigs are different because you’re in a car, but being on a bike it’s like you’re on a sort of fairground ride. It was a really crisp, sunny day and we kept going around Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge and Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge and it was just one of those days where you think ‘This is a very privileged place to be for a day at work.’

The rest of the interview is here… Enjoy reading it.

Meantime, or something like that, Matt Smith has also talked to the people at Radio Times and, accordingly to the interview posted today, he has once again increased the hype ahead of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, calling it the biggest event in the history of the show. He also described Steven Moffat as one of the greatest science fiction writers around.

“I’ve read the first draft,” said Smith. “I think the whole of this season leads brilliantly up to what will be the biggest event in the history of the show. I say that with no hesitation, really. [Steven Moffat is] on top form and has delivered a thoroughly exciting, epic, vast science-fiction script. It’s really exciting.”

Shooting on the episode was originally slated to begin on Monday 18 March but has now been pushed back until April. Smith says he’s looking forward to filming a host of suprises and big Doctor Who moments scripted by showrunner Moffat.

The rest of the information is here.

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