Christopher Eccleston in Sky’s Arctic Circle drama Fortitude

Christopher Eccleston, Sofie Grabol, Stanley Tucci, Jessica Raine and Michael Gambon cast in Sky’s Arctic Circle drama Fortitude, a crime drama which will be filmed in Iceland.

The cast will join in Fortitude, a new Sky Atlantic 12-part series charting a mysterious death in the Arctic Circle. The series will be filmed in the UK and Iceland. Fortitude is considered to be one of the safest towns on earth, where until now there has never been a violent crime. Stanley Tucci Richard Dormer will play the town’s sheriff and a detective who are trying to make sense of a mysterious murder.

Sophie Grabol will play the town’s Governor whose regeneration plans are scuppered by the murder. Christopher Eccleston will play an English scientist. Jessica Raine will play the wife of Fortitude’s chief search and rescue pilot. Michael Gambon will play a terminally ill wildlife photographer.

Fortitude will be directed by Julia Barry, and it will air on Sky Atlantic later this year.

Meanwhile, Karen Gillan’s latest movie (a horror one), Oculus, will be in theaters in 11 April 2014.


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