Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode will be 3D, filming on the episode is due to begin in April

As a part of the usual secrecy around new Doctor Who episodes, the executive producer Steven Moffat has been talking into an article published on Radio Times about the precautions he is taking to ensure that plot details of the show’s 50th anniversary aren’t leaked in advance:

“There’s one length I’ve gone to, which I think is a really good security measure – I make sure I don’t get a script. Because I will lose it. So I forbid people to hand me one. It’s just on my computer at home under lock and key,” he revealed.

“Well, you cultivate the habit of giving nothing away,” said Matt Smith who joined Steven Moffat. “And then it’s quite nice. You’re sat on all this information and people are genuinely intrigued. It’s one of the responsibilities of being in this show. You have to discrete about what you tell people, but you have to give people enough. But the show is based on impact and delivering it on a Saturday night to people in their homes.”

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On the other hand:

“You won’t be disappointed,” said Matt Smith in reaction to seeing the script. “I read it and I clapped at the end. I think it’s hilarious and I think it’s epic and I think it’s vast. I’m telling you nothing more. But you will not be disappointed. I think it’s going to be the biggest, the best, the most inventive, the most exciting year for the show. The script delivers on all those points that you want it to for where the show is at this time. It’s brilliant.”

Speaking at the press launch for the new series, which begins on Saturday 30 March, the 30-year-old actor added: “It somehow manages to pay homage to everything and look forward. And I think that’s the genius of it.”

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Tom Spilsbury, the Doctor Who Magazine editor, said on Twitter to say that filming on the 50th anniversary episode is due to begin in April. Filming was supposed to start today, but the schedule was altered.



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