Doctor Who: The green death, special edition

Doctor Who The Green Death special edition Jon Pertwee years 1970 1974
Doctor Who The Green Death special edition Jon Pertwee years 1970 1974

The Green Death is be the final story of Doctor Who’s tenth season, seeing the departure of Jo Grant and the Doctor’s first trip to Metebelis III.

A special edition with a lot of interesting content has been announced. The synopsis of the story sounds like this:

When a man is found dead with his skin glowing green in an abandoned mine, it’s not long before the Doctor, Jo Grant and UNIT head to Wales to investigate. And while the Doctor becomes suspicious of the nearby Global Chemicals factory and its mysterious owner, Jo gets trapped underground where she finds old mine tunnels crawling with deadly and sinister giant maggots…

You can find more information about the content over here. In the article you are provided with a purchase link (you can pre-order the disk) to for a small price of £13.99. Enjoy. 😀

Release dates

Region 1 – 13 August (US, Canada)
Region 2 – 5 August 2013 (Europe, Japan, Middle East, South Africa)
Region 4 – TBC (Australia, New Zealand, South and Central America)
Please note: release dates are provisional and subject to change

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