Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who, BBC News

The news that was released yesterday, about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who series, was almost… hearth-breaking. It was said not long ago that he was supposed to appear in the eight (new) series, next year, but the new official news is that he will only appear in Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode and he will regenerate in the Christmas special episode.

Matt Smith is the eleventh Doctor, the latest one, and he was (as far as I know and as far as I watched the last 7 seasons) one of the best. It was expected to leave the show one moment or another, but I hoped to be later than sooner.

There are already several ideas (more or less serious) about who’s going to be the new Doctor. John Hurt was introduced as the Doctor in the last episode of the seventh series, The name of the Doctor, but it is not said to the public when he will become the Time Lord and how long he will play that role. There are some chances to be the next Doctor, the 12th, following Matt Smith but I think we have to wait and watch the show…

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