Tardis vending machine by Epic Comics

tardis vending machine tardis vending machine tardis-vending-machine-26041It’s not a surprise that people are creating lots and lots of things inspired by Doctor Who series. I’ve written about some of this things, now it’s time to write about this vending machine I’ve noticed on Radio Times. In this situation, as they notice, TARDIS may come from Tins And Refreshment Dispenser In Shop.

Florida comic shop Epic Comics recently installed a Tardis vending machine at its Orlando premises, which the owners say “can hold a LOT of soda” because (somewhat inevitably) “it’s bigger on the inside.”

As well as its snazzy exterior, the machine also boasts different Doctors on its buttons, meaning that you can push Tom Baker for a tin of Mountain Dew, David Tennant for Pepsi,Christopher Eccleston for Coca Cola, Paul McGann for Diet Coke (one wonders if they were being satirical there) and Matt Smith for Sprite.

Pretty cool, right?


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