David Tennant visits Pompeii

I suppose David Tennant visited Pompeii, Italy, while preparing for (or, somehow, in relation with) the episode ‘The fires of Pompeii’. The video is a part of Doctor Who Confidential and you can find something interesting about volcano and history.

Exclusive First Look: A stormy nights sky – Doctor Who: The Daemons

I’ve never watch (at least until now) the classic Doctor Who series, but this video from youtube had my attention.

Boasting some impressive location filming, the village of Aldbourne was the perfect setting of The Daemons. As the crew reveals however, attempting a stormy night scene can be quite problematic on a calm night. Journey behind the scenes to find out how the crew managed to ratchet up the atmosphere.

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Doctor Who filming – Series 7, episode 5, scene 5

 On the set of Series 7 of Doctor Who, in Cardiff. This is part of scene 5 of episode 5, which features the Weeping Angels. The episode is period, set in the 1940’s. A mysterious character, male, 30’s, in a pea-coat and fedora had already cautiously entered the building, followed by an equally cautious Rory. The Doctor and Amy are in a bigger rush!!

In this second recording Amy and the Doctor are running past two weeping angels into the Department of Physics at Cardiff University.

Video was taken at 4/4/12 at approximately 10:30 pm.  It seems to be set in America (the crew changed the No Parking signs to resemble American no parking signs).

Doctor Who – Å¢ara nimănui

Desenele astea animante sînt o parodie a lui Doctor Who în România, nici măcar el nu pare capabil să o salveze de problemele pe care le are cu corupţia, hoţia şi nepotismul (cunoscute şi ca Daleks). A fost chemat de însuşi Dracula.


This cartoon is a parody of Doctor Who in Romania, not even he can save the country from its problems with corruption, theft and nepotism (also know as Daleks). He was called by Dracula itself.

River Song – Her story, history, timeline from Doctor Who Confidential

 River Song is the companion of the Doctor, his love, who keeps meeting him in the wrong order. This is the chronological order of her life.

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Hitler finds out who River Song is

You must know this video from the movie about Hitler released a few years ago, there are some dozen mock-up videos all over Youtube (some have been deleted) about a lot of subjects… the video is original, but the translation was change to fit whatever message the users wanted to send.

In this video Hitler finds out about the Doctor Who mid-series cliffhanger, “A Good Man Goes To War”.

Chameleon Circuit – Gallifreyan History 101

 Another music video for an epic Time Lord Rock song, “Gallifreyan History 101”. It details the (rather complex) history of the Doctor’s race and presents a fact file of handy knowledge in a comedic way. This gem was written by someone best known as Ginger Chris here on YouTube for his band, “Chameleon Circuit”.


At first we were just Gallifreyans and that was fine.
Just taking up space and biding our time
Till Rassilon came along
With his ever present sense of right and wrong
He was strong, he was mighty
He was the founder of Time Lord Society

Now this is the subject that everyone finds the hardest
But you’re gonna have to pass it if you want to earn your TARDIS
Nobody’s graduating from this Academy
Until you’ve all mastered Gallifreyan History

Now Rassilon had a buddy called Omega
His interstellar science would amaze ya
He found our source of power
And devised a cunning plan in under an hour
It went sour, he was erased
But at least now we could travel through time and space

Now if there’s a subject that’s impossible it’s this
In comparison, the Untempered Schism’s a piece of piss
But nobody’s graduating from this Academy
Until you’ve all mastered Gallifreyan History

So now we’re all time lords and that’s just fine
We’re travelling through space, bouncing through time
But we’ve made it clear not to interfere
And that’s a rule to which we all must adhere
But I fear that the Doc
Is away causing havoc in his big blue box

Now that brings up to date and we’re all gravy
I just hope it doesn’t get messed up by Russell T Davies
Nobody’s graduating from this Academy
Until you’ve all mastered Gallifreyan!
Until you can say you’re Gallifreyan!
Until you know all about Gallifreyan History

The first official Doctor Who photo of Jenna-Louise Coleman

As it was announced a few weeks ago Jenna-Louise Coleman will play The Doctor’s new and as yet unnamed companion in the hit British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who. Coleman will be introduced to audiences for the first time in the show’s 2012 Christmas Special following the departure of the current companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, who will leave in episode 5 of the upcoming Series (7).

The source of the image is BBC America on tumblr.

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David Tennant and Billie Piper, interview 2006

The interview is old, but David Tennant and Billie Piper talk about Doctor Who series.

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Billie Piper’s Doctor Who video diary

I had never known until this night that Billie Piper had a video diary while acting in Doctor Who as Rose Tyler, but I am not surprised.

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