Amy and Rory’s exit, described as ‘very final’

Doctor Who: Angels take Manhattan, BBC One
Doctor Who: Angels take Manhattan, BBC One

The Amy and Rory’s exit is close, only 2 episodes until them. There were some rumors about it, we know there are Weeping Angels involved and that Steven Moffat rewrote the ending adventure for the current Doctor’s companions.

Anyway, the exit was described as ‘very final’, something like death. Considering that the Angels are present, and that their almost perfect defensive system, everything can happen. Some time ago I’ve read some rumor that Rory was sent back in time by the touch of an Angel and the next time he met Amy was an old man. Of course, that may not happen. It can be a happy ending, with Amy and Rory aging together, having a long and happy life.

River Song, their Time Lord daughter, is known to appear in the fifth episode, The Angels take Manhattan. Considering that she’s Doctor’s lover, the best ending for Amy and Rory is to let them know they are going to be… exactly… grandparents… It may be a great ending for the first part of season 7, a surprise, just before the Christmas Special and the break to the episodes next year. As I got used in the last Doctor Who series (last season the big surprise before the break was to let Amy and Rory know that River Song was their daughter), the announcement about their grandson (or granddaughter) would be something to expect for.

On the other hand… a new Companion was announced. The actress is Jenna-Louise Coleman, the beautiful brilliant girl from The Asylum of the Daleks. The human transformed into a Dalek.

I’ve never watch the episodes from the original series, but it was said that in the beginning the Doctor was traveling with a companion known to be his daughter. Why should not do that again? Is it unthinkable that Jenna-Louise Coleman to be Doctor’s and River Song’s daughter and, finally, a Dalek? 😀

Let’s watch and see…

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