Doctor Who – Series 7, episode 9 – Hide

If you love the ghost stories you will love episode 9, season 7 of new Doctor Who series. It does not have the name Hide for nothing: the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman) get to Caliburn House where the supernatural investigator Professor Alan Palmer (Dougray Scott) and his “emotional psychic” assistant Emma Grayling (Jessica Raineas) try to gather information about the ghost haunting the mansion. The historical data gathered about the Witch of the Well covered a few centuries when the Doctor and Clara dropped in.

More: besided the 3 human occupants and a Time Lord there were a creature inside the mansion, passing almost unnoticeable from one room to another. It frightened the Doctor and his companion in their trial to know the house and find the ghost.

In this episode everyone has his/her own agenda: the professor Alan Palmer wanted to find out more about the life beyond because of his experiences in the war, when he killed and people died because of him. The Doctor wanted to ask Emma Grayling about his current companion, the mistery girl that died twice and still was beside him. Clara had something against the TARDIS that did not accepted her easily, taunting her any time she could. Emma was in love with the professor and, as any love story, that was blocking her native empathy and she could not feel professor’s feeling toward her.

All these stories are around the ghost in the Caliburn House and the successful trials to contact her. The TARDIS offered the Doctor the possibility to recognize in this ghost another temporal traveler that got stranded into a pocket Universe – a bubble inside our own Universe, but almost apart from it. It was needed a strong medium in order to make a connection between the two Universes and to save the captives from the smaller one.

No, the plural is not a mistake. Because there were 2 prisoners: a beautiful dark time traveler woman named Hila (Kemi-Bo Jacobs) and the partner of the creature I’ve mentioned before. But I am letting you discover yourselves how the situation was solved and how the love stories were continued. I’ve already said to much, so I can mention only one element: there is a surprise I’ve not mentioned.

Written by Neil Cross. Cast: The Doctor (Matt Smith), Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), Alec Palmer (Dougray Scott), Emma Grayling (Jessica Raine), Hila (Kemi-Bo Jacobs), The Crooked Man (Aiden Cook).


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