Episode 3: A town called Mercy review

Yesterday night BBC broadcast the third episode of Doctor BBC’s season 7. The town called Mercy is on American soil (at least in the script, because the filming was done in Spain), the time period is around the middle of XIX century, at least if I consider the Doctor’s remark that the electric lights of the town were about a decade sooner than expected.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory make an entrance in the town saloon and the reaction they are getting from the usual customers  is not quite normal: they are taken out to the limit of the town, throwing the Doctor in the way of the cyborg that was holding the town prisoner. The reason? The confusion they were making when the Time Lord introduced himself as an Alien Doctor. The one the Cyborg was looking for was hold in town prison, even he had help the humans several times in the last few months (with the electric lights and healing some sick people).

What would you do if you have nearby a scientist that have experienced on member of his own species in order to transform them into cybernetic organisms and win a war that was raging for almost a decade? Would you send him to the one who want justice, one of creature that he made, even if this does not correspond to your own moral values or you would try to find a way to solve it in a good way to everybody?

Don’t hurry to respond to the question. It’s not an easy one, so that’s why I am not writing anything else about this episode of Doctor Who. If you have seen it, than it’s excellent: I don’t need to tell you about it. If you did not watch the episode yet just do it.


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