Episode 4: The angels take Manhattan

You must already know about the Weeping Angels, those creatures that you see as statues, that moves in the moment they are not observed by any living creature and that feed with the temporal energy got from their victims in the moment they are sending them back in time. They move unnoticed, in the dark and they attack everyone. They are the perfect predators, they survived in that way from the beginning of the Universe.

And in the moment you blink and you have an Weeping Angel around you are screwed: you have all the chances to be take from you temporal era, to get somewhere, lost in space and time, and to live your remaining years as you can. They first appeared in the new series of Doctor Who in season 3, episode 10, but they have appeared since a few time. And in the fifth episode of season 7 they brought the end to the Ponds, Doctor’s companions.

The story starts as a mystery novel that take place in Manhattan, New York city: a rich guy hires a detective to find more information about the angels that moves when you are noticing them, he arrives to a building where he find himself as old man… than the Angels zip him back in time.

The text for the book wasn’t legible onscreen but it contains lines from the novel itself.
The text for the book wasn’t legible onscreen but it contains lines from the novel itself.

In Central Park, New York city, year 2012, the Doctor, Amy and Rory went to a picnic and the Doctor read loud a book written by Melody Malone. Rory goes to get some coffee, he finds some Angels that take him by surprise… and the Doctor reads about his adventures in New York, 1939 AD, and the meeting with River Song in the book he was reading for Amy. Considering the time travels and the surprises they often offer, it’s not so unexpected that River Song is the real writer of the book and Melody Malone is just a nickname.

The Doctor and Amy got hardly in the year 1939 because of the temporal distortions that filled the city, they succedded in saving River and finding Rory… both versions: the one know by everybody, as a young guy, and the old one, as an old man in his dying bed. The building from the beginning of the episode was a farm for the Weeping Angels and the city that never sleeps, New York, was the perfect place to feed (almost) not noticed. Watching Rory dying of old age they reach to a fix point in space and time, isn’t it? With the Angels expecting them at the door and the Liberty Statue on the window.

The only way to solve the problem was to create a paradox, and Rory decided to die as young man, jumping from the top of the building. Love made Amy to join him. They saved the situaton, the Weeping Angels disappeared from New York and the events from the beginning of the episode to that point were lost. The timeline was reset. Anyway, Rory and Amy lived the rest of their life far away from the Doctor, but together, until the end. You’ll have to watch the ending of the episode to find out why and how. Their grave is New York.

I am a little sad because Amy ÅŸi Rory left the show, they brought a new glamor in the Doctor’s life, but it was unavoidable to find their own way in one moment or another. The Doctor will have to redefine all over again after meeting his new companion (in the Christmas Special) impersonated by Jenna-Louise Coleman, as he always had done. On the other hand, I hardly expect the episode from the end of December and the ones from next year.

Among the actors there are: Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Alex Kingston (River Song), Mike McShane (Grayle), Rob David (Sam Garner), Ozzie Yue (Foreman), Bentley Kalu (Hood 1), Burnell Tucker (Garner 2).

The director is Nick Hurran, the producer is Marcus Wilson, the writer is Steven Moffat.

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