Series 7, episode 6: The Bells of Saint John

Do you remember the warning posted on youtube 2 days ago? The one warning people that there is a dangerous wi-fi signal that they must not access because others will have access to you using it and they will steal your souls to upload on the internet? Well this warning is the beginning of the new Doctor Who episode released by BBC a few hours ago.

In the The Bells of Saint John prequel the Doctor is despondent because he did not found Clara, but now we find him retired to a monastery in the year 1207 AD. To be clear: The Bells of Saint John is the phone ringing, the old fashion phone set on the outside of TARDIS. The link to Saint John is the Saint John ambulance emblem on the TARDIS next door. At some point the  Doctor is told the the bells are ringing and he is hurrying to answer the phone. The woman searching for him got the number from someone from the shop sometimes in 2013, that person have told her the Doctor was offering the best tech support ever and she needed help to get the wi-fi connection.

When he finds out that the wi-fi password was rycbar123, the initials from run you clever boy and remember, the Doctor makes the connection between the unknown woman and the one searching for him… and a few seconds later he is at her door.

The episode is great, and the Doctor’s insistence to introduce himself to a Clara that didn’t remember him were useful when she was uploaded to an internet server (yes, she accidental accessed at some point the dangerous wi-fi). The Great Intelligence that make itself a presence in the Christmas Special is very much present in this episode, using people like puppets.

I rather write no more about this episode, it’s too dynamic and too intense to tell you more about it. My suggestion is to follow it, it’s the first page of an extraordinary adventure.

Series Producer Marcus Wilson, Director: Colm McCarthy, Producer: Denise Paul, Writer: Steven Moffat

Cast: The Doctor (Matt Smith), Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), Miss Kizlet (Celia Imrie), Mahler (Robert Whitlock), Alexei (Dan Li), Nabile (Manpreet Bachu), Paul (Sean Knopp), The Abbott (James Greene), George (Geff Francis), Angie (Eve de Leon Allen), Artie (Kassius Carey Johnson), Little Girl (Danielle Eames), Barista (Fred Pearson), Waitress (Jade Anouka), Newsreader (Olivia Hill), Child Reading with Comic (Isabella Blake-Thomas), Man with Chips (Matthew Earley), Pilot (Antony Edridge).

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