Series 7, episode 8 – Cold War review

Let’s put the problem a little different this time: with a exercise for imagination. How would you feel if you were a marshal, commander for an entire fleet, hero to your species, exiled, and you discover that you have been trapped in ice for about 5 thousand years? More: your people does not respond to your distress signals, while the natives attack you and chain you to the wall. Considering all these, considering the Martian code that says if you attack one of us you attack all of us, it’s obvious that the Doctor was worried when he found out the Ice Warrior he met on the nuclear soviet submarine in 1983 was the Great Marshal Skaldak.

For the one who does not know the old series and the Ice Warriors’ previous appearances, they are a species of lizards from Mars that became cyborgs in order to survice on their planet seizured by an Ice Age (one year, long ago, the spring just did not come). They ruled over a large area before their planet heated up quickly and everything went wrong.

In the moment the Doctor and his companion, Clara Oswald, get under the ice pack the soviet with a load of nuclear missiles, Skaldak was already awake, away from the ice prison. Damaged, the submarine was sinking uncontrollable – a risky maneuver was necessary in order to stop it: they proped it up to an underwater cliff at a dept of 700 meters. The Martian felt offended the soviet soldiers’ attack, also the chaining to the wall. The lack of response from his people make him believe that they dissapeared, he was deseted and he had only revenge left. The nuclear missiles from thw war ship and the Cold War, the great menace of the 1980’s that kept the Americans, the Soviets and their alliets under tension, are a very good opportunity to make Earth into a new red planet… but with the blood of its inhabitants.

As it was told, this episode was the first ocassion the Doctor was able to see an Ice Warrior outside the armour that made them famous in the past. But I have no intention to offer you details about how the Martian lizzard looks like, or about how they solved the problem. All I can say is that there is always honor between warriors, no matter their side.

It was an episode a little… dark. It reminded me about the Alien series with elements from the Predator series rather than the usual Doctor Who episodes. But it was an interesting show and I am recommending it.

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