Doctor Who: Series 7 Original TV Soundtrack (Music CD)

Silva Screen Records has released its eighth Doctor Who album since 2006 – Doctor Who Series 7 – Original TV Soundtrack

This 2 CD set offers a feast of 74 new Murray Gold themes, covering music from all 13 stories of Series 7. You can download Doctor Who Series 7 – Original TV Soundtrack from Silva Screen, and you can also listen to clips from the soundtrack here.

Uniquely this series was made up of 13 self-contained stories and this 2 CD set offers a feast of new themes with music from each and every story and is the eighth soundtrack release since 2006. Gold’s phenomenal output as a composer began close to twenty years ago and he has stacked up five BAFTA nominations (two for Doctor Who) plus three Royal Television Society nominations and a win for Queer As Folk. In 2013 Murray Gold celebrated one his greatest musical accomplishments with a third Doctor Who Prom at the Royal Albert Hall celebrating his distinctive scores.

Disc: 1

  • 1. Asylum Of The Daleks – They Are Everywhere
  • 2. Asylum Of The Daleks – Save Us
  • 3. Asylum Of The Daleks – Dalek Parliament
  • 4. Asylum Of The Daleks – Oswin Oswald
  • 5. Asylum Of The Daleks – Towards The Asylum
  • 6. Asylum Of The Daleks – A Probe In The Snow
  • 7. Asylum Of The Daleks – Amy And Rory Together
  • 8. Asylum Of The Daleks – The Terrible Truth
  • 9. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship – Dinosaurs On A Spaceship/Pterodactyls
  • 10. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship – Brian
  • 11. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship – Take A Ride On Tricey
  • 12. A Town Called Mercy – Make Peace
  • 13. A Town Called Mercy – Welcome To Mercy
  • 14. A Town Called Mercy – Out West
  • 15. A Town Called Mercy – Gunslingers
  • 16. A Town Called Mercy – The Salvation Of Kahler Jex
  • 17. A Town Called Mercy – Our Little Towns Prosecutor
  • 18. The Power Of Three – Cubes
  • 19. The Power Of Three – While We Waited
  • 20. The Power Of Three – Brian’s Log
  • 21. The Angels Take Manhattan – New York New York
  • 22. The Angels Take Manhattan – I Am You
  • 23. The Angels Take Manhattan – Melody Malone
  • 24. The Angels Take Manhattan – Little Angels
  • 25. The Angels Take Manhattan – My Husband’s Home
  • 26. The Angels Take Manhattan – Hide The Damage
  • 27. The Angels Take Manhattan – Almost The End
  • 28. The Angels Take Manhattan – Together Or Not All All – The Song Of Amy And Rory
  • 29. The Angels Take Manhattan – Goodbye Pond
  • 30. The Bells Of Saint John – Cumbria 1207
  • 31. The Bells Of Saint John – Monking About
  • 32. The Bells Of Saint John – Spoonheads
  • 33. The Bells Of Saint John – Clara?
  • 34. The Bells Of Saint John – A Turbulent Flight
  • 35. The Bells Of Saint John – Bah Bah Biker
  • 36. The Bells Of Saint John – Up The Shard
  • 37. The Bells Of Saint John – I Might Change My Mind

Disc: 2

  • 1. The Rings Of Akhaten – The Leaf
  • 2. The Rings Of Akhaten – Something Awesome
  • 3. The Rings Of Akhaten – Market Day
  • 4. The Rings Of Akhaten – Merry Gejelh
  • 5. The Rings Of Akhaten – God Of Akhaten
  • 6. The Rings Of Akhaten – The Speeder
  • 7. The Rings Of Akhaten – Never Wake
  • 8. The Rings Of Akhaten – The Long Song
  • 9. The Rings Of Akhaten – Infinite Potential
  • 10. The Rings Of Akhaten – Always You, Never A Replacement
  • 11. Cold War – Cold War
  • 12. Cold War – Skaldak
  • 13. Hide – I Am A Ghost
  • 14. Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis – A Machine That Makes Machines
  • 15. The Crimson Horror – Crimson Horror
  • 16. The Crimson Horror – Sweetville
  • 17. The Crimson Horror – Thomas Thomas
  • 18. Nightmare In Silver – Hedgewicks World
  • 19. Nightmare In Silver – Tiberian Spiral Galaxy
  • 20. Nightmare In Silver – Upgrade In Progress
  • 21. Nightmare In Silver – The Dream Of Cyberia
  • 22. Nightmare In Silver – What A Brain
  • 23. Nightmare In Silver – Cant Win
  • 24. Nightmare In Silver – Your Orders Come From Me
  • 25. Nightmare In Silver – Other Good News
  • 26. Nightmare In Silver – The Impossible Girl
  • 27. Nightmare In Silver – Cyber Army
  • 28. Nightmare In Silver – The Emperors Wife
  • 29. Nightmare In Silver – Some Wednesday
  • 30. The Name Of The Doctor – To Save The Doctor
  • 31. The Name Of The Doctor – A Letter To Clara
  • 32. The Name Of The Doctor – What Is His Name?
  • 33. The Name Of The Doctor – A Secret He Will Take To His Grave
  • 34. The Name Of The Doctor – Trenzalore
  • 35. The Name Of The Doctor – I Am Information
  • 36. The Name Of The Doctor – Pain Everlasting
  • 37. The Name Of The Doctor – Remember Me

You can buy the Music CDs from here for £11.49. Release date: 09/09/2013

Availability (today): Temporarily out of stock. This item will be despatched as soon as it arrives

Eggs? – In the Asylum of the Daleks

Rory attempts communication with a Dalek, but soon discovers that they aren’t in a mood to be friendly, eggs or no eggs. As you know, Asylum of the Daleks is the first episode of Doctor Who series 7.

EyeStalk app, available in the iTunes store: the world through Dalek’s eye announces that he enhanced version 3.0 of Eyestalk app has been released on iTunes store and it’s available globally – it has been tested on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,4S,5, Touch (4th Generation), iPad2, iPad3 and Mini.

Now officially licensed by BBC Worldwide, the Eyestalk app boasts an Asylum of the Daleks setting, enhanced effects across 50 years of different Daleks and an improved user interface. You can use it to transform your iPhone, iPad or iPod into the eye of a Dalek.

Start taking photos and movies from a Dalek point of view and see the world as the Doctor’s oldest and deadliest enemy and share them online on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

You can find more info and some pictures here.


Doctor Who Receives Two BAFTA Nominations proudly announces that the Doctor Who series has been nominated for 2 categories for the 2013 Television Craft Awards by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). These Awards celebrate the best of TV’s top behind-the-scenes talent, the winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on Sunday, April 28 2013.

The Mill have been nominated in the Visual Effects and Graphic Design category for their incredible work on recent episodes and composer Murray Gold is nominated in the Original Television Music category, specifically for his outstanding music for Asylum of the Daleks.

‘The Snowmen’ review

– Aaa, refreshing to see that you take an interest again! Was she nice? asked Madam Vastra on the phone.

– I’ve just spoke to her! says the grumpy Doctor.

– And made your usual impact, no doubt!

– O, no impact at all! continue the Doctor with the same tone. That days are over.

– You can’t help yourself, it’s the same story every time, and it always begins with the same two words!

– She’ll never be able to find me again, she does not even have the name! Doctor! What two words?!

– Doctor? asked Clara pulling her beautiful head through the trap on the roof of the carriage. DOCTOR WHO?

The fans of the Doctor Who series already know that BBC One and BBC America have broadcast the Special Christmas episode, The Snowmen. The dialog from the beginning of this article appears in the first part of the episode, when a Doctor mourning his loses (the newest one being the Amy and Rory‘s disapearance) and prefer solitude, considering that the good old days, when he was saving the Earth, humans and Christmas, have past and they will not return.

The action is happening in the year 1892, and Madam Vastra and her companions (Strax and Jenny Flint) are investigating the problems that appeared with the strange snow fallen over town and the carnivore snowmen. The one behind all these is Doctor Simeon, the representative of the Great Intelligence institute, a sinister individual interested on the pond in the Clara’s master backyard. In the previous winter the Captain Latimer’s children’s Governess have drown in that very pond, and Doctor Simeon was interested on the ice that copied the woman’s genetic structure in order to create an army of live snowmen. With their help he wanted to conquer the world and end the human kind.

So the Doctor have to end his solitude (especially because of Clara who’s always searching for him, first driven by curiosity, then by need) in order to save the world. One more time. He does not save the Governess in the end, Clara dies, but, at least we take a peek of the Tardis when she visits it. If you haven’t already know, the TARDIS have a new look that have been presented the first time in the episode broadcast yesterday.

It was an interesting episode, very funny. The snowmen keeps you around the TV/computer not only because of the action itself (it does not have too many breaks), but also because of the dialog. Strax, the Sontaran traveling with the Doctor and Madam Vasta in this episode is very hilarious… but I let you discover how.

A few months ago, when the first episode of season 7, Asylum of the Daleks, had been first broadcast I had the surprise to recognize Jenna-Louise Coleman playing a character in it. She had been announced as the next Doctor Who companion after the exist of the Ponds (Amy Pond and Rory Williams) and she was scheduled to first appear in the Christmas Special episode (yesterday) under the name Clara.

Does the name Clara Oswin Oswald tells you something?  It’s the full name of the Governess from yesterday’s episode… and the character played by Jenna-Louise Coleman in Asylum of the Daleks. More: they are both dead! And, even now, Jenna-Louise is the current Doctor’s companion. Have I made you curious?  I say it’s enough to make you try to find more about all these… about the mystery surrounding the new character and the Doctor’s run to meet her again.

The cast: The Doctor (Matt Smith), Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), Dr Simeon (Richard E Grant), Strax (Dan Starkey), Jenny (Catrin Stewart), Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Captain Latimer (Tom Ward), Alice (Liz White), Digby (Joseph Darcey-Alden), Francesca (Ellie Darcey-Alden), Voice of the Snowman (Ian McKellen), Voice of the Ice Governess (Juliet Cadzow), Uncle Josh (Jim Conway), Young Walter (Cameron Strefford), Walter’s Mother (Annabelle Dowler), Bob Chilcott (Ben Addis), Lead Worker (Daniel Hyde), Girl (Sophie Miller-Sheen),

Director: Saul Metzstein, producer: Marcus Wilson, Writer: Steven Moffat.

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Anamaria Marinca în Asylum of the Daleks

Anamaria Marinca şi Doctorul în Asylum of the Daleks
Anamaria Marinca şi Doctorul în Asylum of the Daleks

Pentru cei care nu o cunosc deja, Anamaria Marinca s-a născut la Iași, la 1 aprilie 1978, din mama violonistă, iar tatăl profesor de teatru.

A studiat vioara în copilărie, dar a renunțat la muzică în favoarea actoriei: este absolventă a Universității de Artă George Enescu din Iași.

La 25 de ani interepretează rolul Elenei Vișinescu în mini-serialul Sex Traffic (o dramă realizată deCBC/Channel 4),  iar în 2005 a cîştigat titlul de Cea mai bună Actriță pentru acest rol la British Academy Television Awards.

ÃŽn anul 2007, Anamaria a jucat în filmul, regizat de Cristian Mungiu, 4 luni, 3 săptămîni È™i 2 zile, care a obÈ›inut Palme d’Or, la Festivalul de la Cannes.

În 2012 a jucat în primul episod al sezonului 7 a serialului Doctor Who, Asylum of the Daleks, probabil prima româncă remarcată în serialul britanic produs de BBC.

Steven Moffat talks about Jenna-Louise Coleman’s surprise appearance in Asylum of the Daleks

The video is already a month old, but I’ve just found about it. It’s about the Jenna-Louise Coleman’s surprise appearance in the first episode of Doctor Who’s seventh series, Asylum of the Daleks: Steven Moffat, writer and executive producer, talks about it.

As we all know, Jenna-Louise was expected in the next episode of Doctor Who, the Christmas Special, after the Ponds’ departure.

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Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Doctor Who debut, Asylum of the Daleks

Jenna-Louise Coleman was announced to be the next Doctor’s companion, she was expecting to appear on Christmas’ special but, surprise! She made her debut in the first episode of the series 7, Asylum of the Daleks.

The gallery can be found at BBC.

Cooking up trouble?
Cooking up trouble?
Jenna-Louise Coleman’s first appearance in Doctor Who: 1st September, 2012.
Jenna-Louise Coleman’s first appearance in Doctor Who: 1st September, 2012.
We first find her character listening to Carmen…
We first find her character listening to Carmen…
Who’s that girl? Watch this space…
Who’s that girl? Watch this space…

All the Daleks in existence

Some time ago BBC was searching for all the Daleks known to man… At that time I knew that something was happening, but I was not sure what and when. I knew, of course, that something BIG was happening, as usual when the Doctor is involved… but I had to watch the Asylum of the Daleks to find out exactly what: the Parliament of the Daleks. And, why not, the Prime Minister. Of the Daleks.

Some time ago, today, I found about the effort made to reunite every Dalek ever made… I don’t think it was all hard work, it must have been some fun some times along the way, but it’s interesting to find out more details about the job.

“It’s only when I read Steven Moffat’s script in its entirety that I thought: ‘Oh God, what are we going to do now?’” said series producer Marcus Wilson, who was tasked with the logistical nightmare of assembling Asylum Of The Dalek‘s pepper-pot party — most of which they didn’t even own.

“We needed help,” he said. “We called them back from the BBC, borrowed older ones from exhibitions, renovated a few that have been battle damaged over the years. A lot of the show came to be, however, from fans who lent us Daleks that they had built themselves — most of which were so detailed we could shoot on them in HD close to camera. Even [former show-runner] Russell T. Davies has a Dalek in his hallway, so we went up to Manchester to pick it up from him. We must have had over 30 different Daleks on set and we only had around five of our own.”

The two main sequences that required numbers was the Asylum (spoilers!) and the more grandiose Parliament scene, which features a CGI wide-shot with 20,000 Daleks — powered by Solid Angle’s rendering software, Arnold, a batch renderer that allows you to animate “render multiples and multiples of Daleks that maybe even a year ago we wouldn’t have been able to achieve on a television schedule.”

More information about how the Daleks and their CGI image have been used can be found here.


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Doctor Who Prequel: Asylum of the Daleks

I just found out about this Doctor Who prequel, and that’s not a surprise at all: I don’t have a subscription on iTunes in Unites States and I don’t have access to US Amazon InstantVideo from a US IP Address. Accordingly to Youtube video description until September 2 only people from US could watch the video.

If you have already watched Asylum of the Daleks it’s ok to enjoy the prequel… as I already did.

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Asylum of the Daleks reports after broadcast

As expected, the first episode of Doctor Who’s series 7 was a hit from the number of viewers point of view. The Guardian says that the Doctor return to BBC1 with more than 6 million viewers, beating the ITV1 rival Red or Black? though The X Factor remained the top Saturday show.

The BBC1 sci-fi drama averaged 6.4 million viewers and a 29.3% audience over 50 minutes from 7.20pm. ITV1’s Ant and Dec gameshow Red or Black? averaged 3.5 million viewers and a 15.7% audience share between 7.25pm and 8.10pm.

This was something of a reversal of fortune from the first weekend in September 2011, when Doctor Who – returning for the second half of last year’s series – averaged 5.5 million and 25.9% against Red or Black? with 6.6 million and 29.9%.

On Saturday, ITV1’s The X Factor averaged 8.6 million viewers and a 36.8% share from 8.10pm, then a second instalment of Red or Black? had 3.3 million and 14.4% from 9.10pm.

On the other hand, says that more people downloaded Asylum of the Daleks legally in 24 hours than the most popular illegally downloaded show over a whole month. Breaking the iView record should count, isn’t it? 😀

The ABC received the highest amount of daily plays on iView ever after airing the premiere episode of Doctor Who on Sunday – just hours after it aired in the UK.

In comparison, the most heavily downloaded television show in Australia -  How I Met Your Mother -  was pirated 37 458 over the month of February last year, according to marketing and metrics company, Jumpwire Media.

Asylum of the Daleks received 75,900 plays in less than 24 hours after it aired on Sunday at 5.10am, in Aunty’s novel attempt to stop users from pirating the episode illegally.

That number only makes up about 10 per cent of the show’s potential TV audience, in its current Saturday 7.30pm timeslot, however the number is significant as it means that the ABC’s bid appears to have been successful.

The episode aired online almost a week before it hits TV screens on ABC1.

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Doctor Who Inside Look: Asylum of the Daleks

Quotes from the video:

The Dalek is “a wonderful set of contradictions… It’s a highly-emotional piece of machinery” – Steven Moffat, series Lead Writer & Executive Producer

‘Asylum of the Daleks’ “just kind of reinvents the Daleks, in a really cool way.” – Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)

“We had [all the Daleks] in 1 room. It was, like, y’know, if you’re a sci-fi Doctor Who, it’s the golden ticket!” – Matt Smith

You have the chance to relive the season 7 premiere of Doctor Who with this Exclusive Inside on BBC America. Look at “Asylum of the Daleks’ with all new interviews with stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and the Executive Producer Steven Moffat.

PLUS: Discover one of Arthur Darvill”s “lasting memories of being on the job” and why Steven MoffatsTEVEN’s favorite monster are the Daleks! (Hint: it has to do with scaring children!)

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Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks – Behind the Scenes

A short peak behind the scene for the first episode of Doctor Who’s season 7: from building the Daleks to blowing them up! With Matt Smith & Karen Gillan.

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Doctor Who Series 7 Title Sequence Asylum of the Daleks

Something to remember about the Asylum of the Daleks. Probably the title sequence will be very similar for the first 5 episodes of series 7.

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Episode 1, Asylum of the Daleks

You know about the hate between the Doctor and the Daleks, right? You might never believe that the Parliament of the Daleks would ask the Doctor to save them, but that happened in the first episode of the series 7.

The Asylum of the Daleks, the place where all the insane and the uncontrollable of the Daleks had been sent for ages. The place where the “normal” Daleks were so afraid to go they had to send their Nemesis in order to find out about the strange signal being send from there. The place where a spaceship penetrated the force field surrounding the planete and crashed on the surface, where a beautiful girl-junior entertainments manager was hiding out for an year in the wrecked spaceship hacking the most advanced warrior race the universe has ever known.

Finally, the place were we all meet the future Doctor’s companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman. Surprise! You were wrong to expect to meet her after Amy and Rory’s departure in the fifth episode… but that’s the beauty of the time travel: you don’t always meet in the same order. Remember the Doctor’s and River Song’s story. It’s too fast to say if the new companion’s story is going to happen the same, but the expectations to watch as it happens are GREAT!

Have you watch the episode? Than you already know the story. If you haven’t yet watch it you should know that the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams were kidnapped and taken to the Parliament of the Daleks. In order to save the Daleks (and themselves), they were send to the Asylum of the Daleks to stop the force field surrounding the planet in order to be purged by the Daleks from the spaceship from the orbit.

They had help from the brilliant girl hiding on the surface, and the Doctor decided to try and save her also. And… that’s all what I am going to say. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the people that haven’t watch the episode. It’s a great story, I enjoyed watching it.

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Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill on Asylum of the Daleks

Doctor Who stars: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill introducing the first episode of series 7: Asylum of the Daleks. Are you ready for it? Less than 2 days and counting down.

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Steven Moffat on Asylum of the Daleks Series 7

 Steven Moffat’s interview about the Asylum of the Daleks, the premiere of Doctor Who’s series 7. Scary Daleks, isn’t it?

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Asylum of the Daleks premiere and series 7 air dates

BBC have revealed on the Official Facebook account that Doctor Who – Asylum of the Daleks will air on the same day in the USA and Canada as the UK, the information is confirmed on BBC America’s site here:

BBC AMERICA’s “Doctor Who” returns after a record-breaking season with five blockbuster episodes on September 1 as part of Supernatural Saturday. Join the Doctor, his companions Amy and Rory (aka the Ponds) and numerous friends on their latest escapades through space and time where they puzzle an unexpected invasion of Earth, save a spaceship full of dinosaurs, don Stetsons in a Wild Wild West adventure and are even kidnapped by the Doctor’s oldest foe. The explosive series concludes with Amy and Rory’s heart-breaking farewell – a race against time through the streets of Manhattan. Will the Doctor really lose the Ponds forever? There’s only one way to find out… “Doctor Who” premieres Saturday, September 1, 9:00pm ET as part of Supernatural Saturday.

The series  7 premier airs at 7.20pm on BBC 1 and BBC One HD in the UK. On Canada, it is also announced to air on the SPACE channel at 9pm ET.

01 September 2012 – Asylum of the Daleks (by Steve Moffat)

08 September 2012 - Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (by Chris Chibnall)

15 September 2012 - A Town Called Mercy (by Toby Whithouse)

22 September 2012 - The Power of Three  (by Chris Chibnall)

29 September 2012 - The Angels Take Manhattan (by Steven Moffat)

2013 Season 7, Episode 6

2013 Season 7, Episode 7

Until then remember to watch the Life of Ponds mini-series.

Doctor Who’s ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ teaser trailer

The Asylum of the Daleks premiere is known to be soon, but the official date is not sure yet. It was announced to be the end of August, but it can be in the first days of September. For the moment, let’s watch the teaser trailer… and wait (and wait, and wait…) until the first episode of the Doctor Who’s season 7.

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Asylum of the Daleks: first promo picture

Asylum of the Daleks: First Promo Pic
Asylum of the Daleks: First Promo Pic

Along with the season 7 new trailer BBC America released the first epic promo image of the first episode of the new series. The name: Asylum of the Daleks.

What can I say more? Just watch the show… the image itself looks interesting enough to hardly expect the new Doctor Who season.

The source of the image is, but you can get wallpaper-sized versions: 16×9 and 4×3.

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