Alternative Doctor Who themes

This ska version by the Melbourne Ska Orchestra is something cool.

And also the lightly swung jazz version, complete with (sonic) vibraphone solo. In honour of the Herts Jazz Festival 2016, the Youtuber GeorgeCMusic decided to upload this swing jazz arrangement of the Doctor Who theme he made a few years ago. It was created for a Doctor Who fan audio play currently stuck in development hell.

How about a few modulations for solo piano? This Doctor Who jazz cover was created by Bendy, he got the idea from comedian and musical genius Bill Bailey on his live show “The Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra”. And he just had to try it!

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 481

The cover for issue #481 of Doctor Who Magazine has been revealed. This month’s bumper 100-page festive edition features a preview of Last Christmas. DWM #481 is on sale Thursday 11 December 2014, priced £5.99.Issue 481 of Doctor Who Magazine is published on Thursday (11 December), and comes with a double-sided poster! Here’s the cover of the outer polybag.
Doctor Who Magazine Issue 481
Who believes in Father Christmas? Will the Doctor and Clara’s wishes come true? We’ll see that in Christmas unwrapped.

And the result…

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 481 Christmas

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 466

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 466 cover 1 of 2
Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 466 cover 1 of 2
Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 466 cover 2 of 2
Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 466 cover 2 of 2

2 covers for Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 466, you will be getting it soon.

In the DWM issue 466 you will meet Phillip Morris, the hero who scouted the globe and rescued Doctor Who’s 60s classics, you’ll find out more about The enemy of the world and The web of fear, the episodes considered lost, but recently found.

Entertainment Weekly and the two Doctor Who collectible covers

Cover Entertainment Weekly 1252 Clara Cover Entertainment Weekly 1252 Doctor WhoThis week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly offers a choice of two collectible covers:

  • one featuring Matt Smith (the Doctor), Jenna Louise-Coleman (Doctor’s new companion Clara) and a Dalek
  • one boasting Matt Smith and a Cyberman, who will be among the monsters that the time-traveling Doctor battles in the half-season of eight new Doctor Who shows which BBC America will premiere on March 30 at 8p.m. ET.

The source of the image and more information can be found here.

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Radio Times’ suggestion: Vote Doctor Who’s Dalek! for the cover of the century

I found the following image & suggestion on Radio Times, along with the information that the Periodical Publishers Association wants people to decide what’s the best magazine cover of the past 100 years.

Considering that Radio Times has almost 90 years of existence and Doctor Who is approaching fast to his 50th anniversary, I ask you to vote for this cover of the century: the front page from May 2005. You can vote once a day, every day until 30 September 2013… so remember to visit the voting link as often as you can.

Vote Doctor Who! Vote Dalek!

This classic Radio Times cover celebrated the Daleks’ return after two decades away, coinciding with the 2005 General Election.

We neatly brought these two events together by recreating a famous 1964 scene of Daleks crossing Westminster Bridge – and had to clear coachloads of tourists to get the shot. A memorable image, topped off with the cheeky coverline: “Vote Dalek!”.


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