Simon Pegg pronouncing monster names

Simon Pegg, who played the Editor in the first series of the new Doctor Who, provides insight into the difficulty of being able to say the name of his boss. A very cute clip from Doctor Who Confidential.

Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper’s first big scene together

To celebrate 10 years, the first decade, of New Doctor Who this week the people managing the Doctor Who Youtube channel are travelling back in time with some special videos and even some brand new artwork.

The first stop is July 2004, the day when Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper were recording their first big dialogue scene in Central London. The scene was taken from Doctor Who Confidential Series 1.

Creating Water Zombie Monsters for The Waters of Mars

As part of Doctor Who Confidential the executive producer Julie Gardner and director Graeme Harper discuss the Water Zombies from The Waters of Mars and how difficult they were to get right and not too scary.

The result? 😀 Watch the escape from the Water Zombies…

The date is 21 November 2059, and The Doctor is on Bowie Base One, the first human outpost on Mars. Base commander Adelaide Brooke discovers some of her crew have been infected with a mysterious life form which takes over the host body and causes it to gush copious amounts of water. The Doctor and Adelaid flee two water zombies on sonic enhanced Gadget, previously operated by Roman Groom from the central dome. Andy and Tarak, still infected, chase the Doctor, Adelaide and Gadget back to the central dome, but are unable to pursue them any further due to the hardinger seals in the central dome airlocks and are contained in the base’s “bio-sphere” section while Maggie is secured in the medical wing. The Doctor, however, is worried about the doors and whether they can protect them from creatures with such power, making a chilling statement, “Water is patient, Adelaide, water just waits. It wears down the clifftops, the mountains, the whole of the world. Water always wins!”


Recreating the Great War and turning David Tennant into an old man – The Family of Blood

Doctor Who Confidential series 3 presents how the Doctor Who Production crew are recreating a 1914 battlefield in the middle of a freezing December night. All for  the episode The Family of Blood. See how they managed to cope with the amazing amount of mud in this behind the scenes footage.

In the same episode, as you remember, the Doctor turns human. You can watch the Tenth Doctor becoming an old man… David Tennant gets a brief glimpse at life as an old man as he gets the Doctor Who prosthetics treatment. Take a look at the extraordinary results in this clip from Doctor Who Confidential.

David Tennant scary fire stunt

Rehearsals for a stunt are leaving the Doctor a little hot under the collar. David Tennant talks here about the amazing safety procedures in place as he films in an exploding laboratory. This videoclip is taken from the BBC Doctor Who Confidential series 3.

Doctor Who Confidential voted best BBC3 show of all time in a Radio Times poll

Radio Times announces that in the week that BBC3 celebrated its tenth birthday, a poll of over 1,200 people has named Doctor Who Confidential the best show in the channel’s history… even if the Doctor Who spin-off was canceled in September 2011.

The top ten best BBC3 shows

1. Doctor Who Confidential (23%)

2. Pramface (11.4%)

3. Being Human (11.2%)

4. Torchwood (10.48%)

5. The Mighty Boosh (7.76%)

6. Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show (5.92%)

7. Gavin & Stacey (4.56%)

8. 60 Second News (3.2%)

9. Russell Howard’s Good News (2.56%)

10. Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents (1.68%)

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Doctor Who Confidential – New York Visit 1

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and executive producer Steven Moffat visiting New York City. Directed and Edit Produced by James Brailsford.

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David Tennant visits Pompeii

I suppose David Tennant visited Pompeii, Italy, while preparing for (or, somehow, in relation with) the episode ‘The fires of Pompeii’. The video is a part of Doctor Who Confidential and you can find something interesting about volcano and history.

River Song – Her story, history, timeline from Doctor Who Confidential

 River Song is the companion of the Doctor, his love, who keeps meeting him in the wrong order. This is the chronological order of her life.

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The Doctor Who cast sing the Confidential Song

 Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and a special guest (on drums) as they sing the Confidential Song. It’s a part of Doctor Who confidential from BBC 3 uploaded on youtube in august 2011.

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How John Barrowman found out he was the Face of Boe

I think I will always remember the scene where captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) told the Doctor and Martha about the time he was modeling and he was called Face of Boe… I was laughing for minutes… I don’t know exactly how many, but they were enough to make the moment a great memory.

In the description of the video on youtube it is written that it is an unseen Doctor Who Confidential footage, and this was actually Torchwood Declassified but it belongs on Dr Who Confidential.