HardWire – The War Doctor

The War Doctor – The Full Doctor Who theme by HardWire. You should recognize John Hurt in the picture.

The remix and remastered version. It has some minor differences from the previous version.

Mankind will re-release Doctor Who theme for 50th anniversary

The disco remix of the show’s theme tune was first released in 1978 in order to celebrate the series’ 15th anniversary, peaking at No.25 in the UK Singles Chart and has had an up-to-date makeover. Now it will be titled ‘Dr Who? (Time Waits For No Man)’ by Mankind vs Dos Amigoz feat Diane Charlemagne.

It will be released on November 18 as an extras-loaded collector’s edition on 12″ vinyl and CD. The song will also be available for download as will the album Space, Time and Beyond.

The new album release will feature a translucent-blue, 11-track vinyl LP with gatefold sleeve, a poster, and a booklet featuring unpublished photos of Tom Baker from the first-ever American Doctor Who convention.

You remember Mankind – Dr. Who 1978 Pinnacle in Stereo format, right? 🙂

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Doctor Who theme on eight floppy drives

Some of you may have (almost) no idea what a floppy drive is, it’s already old computer technology. Well, this old stuff helped creating an interesting version of Doctor Who theme.

As it is said in the description of the video:

I don’t have two microphones of equal quality, so I recorded the left four and right four drives separately and pushed the audio to their respective side. I then recorded all eight and put it through a low pass filter and a small bass boost. I think the resulting mix of the three tracks sounds the best. It takes a lot more time to record and edit, but I thought it was worth it. Let me know what you think.

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