Peter Capaldi about being a Doctor Who fan

Here’s what happened when two Doctor Who fans got together at Comic-Con and chatted about their favourite show. Presented by Christel Dee.

In the interview for the fan show Peter Capaldi talks about the monsters he would bring back and has a fair few ideas (one of them are the Mondasian Cybermen, some of them becoming Time Lords, Axons, Daemons, Zarbi and Menoptera) but when he is asked which episode he would stick in the DVD player on a rainy day, it seems as if his answer might never end, ranging around new and classic Who, taking in his assessment of several of his fellow Doctors and, in the end, covering pretty much the entire Doctor Who back catalogue.

We should either have some of them becoming Time Lords and somehow channelling it so that they have access to time and space. Or I think it would be good if we had “Genesis of the Cybermen”. If we found the Doctor on Mondas itself in an adventure where he discovered the Cybermen actually being created.

Ingrid Oliver returning as Osgood in Season 9

Of course she has to return! She is one of the best Doctor Who fans, maybe a future companion! Ingrid Oliver is expresses her delight at returning to the world of Doctor Who and she is not the only one!

And of course the Zygons are involved, somehow. And why should we find out now exactly why? Watching the show shouldn’t be any fun.

The Doctor surprises fans at the Doctor Who Experience

The Twelfth Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS and into the Doctor Who Experience to surprise some of his younger fans and answer some of their questions in character as the Time Lord.

Peter Capaldi may play a very grumpy version of the Doctor on screen, but in real life he is incredibly generous with the role. The video was filmed at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff for Nu-Who’s 10th birthday and it’s impossible to watch it without smiling.

Another surprise at the Doctor Who Experience when it was celebrated a decade of New Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi started singing Happy Birthday and cutting the cake with everyone there.

Steven Moffat about fans creativity and fan-made Stuff – U.S. Premiere Screening

Meantime, let’s watch the Lead Writer & Executive Producer Steven Moffat talking about the phenomenal imagination of Whovians in their fan art, fiction, videos, title sequences and how he thinks the show actually makes people more creative at BBC AMERICA’s U.S. Premiere Screening at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theater on the Doctor Who World Tour.

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I Heart Heart the Doctor – fan’s reaction at the World Tour #DWWorldTour

To celebrate the TARDIS touching down in Sydney, Australia, ABC and BBC Worldwide ran a unique competition to gave fans the chance to win tickets to the Australian fan event. They have already showed their love, so it wasn’t too hard: to do this they asked the fans to show how they #hearthearttheDoctor through video, art, photography, writing or however else they best felt expressed their feelings. The team was not disappointed… the result is the next video.

The winning entry was Edward Felix, but Crispy Pro impressed the UK Doctor Who team so much that we asked him to come along to the event to do some guest You Tubing.

This is for the Australian fans, by Australian fans – thanks for your enthusiastic love and support for the show.

Series 8 (2014) – ‘Rain’ Fan Trailer and VFX Breakdown

A stylized, narrative trailer for the 8th series of Doctor Who, featuring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor! The new Doctor lands this August on BBC One. The author‘s aim with this trailer was to capture the more ‘magical’ side of the show, rather than the dark-and-gritty approach he usually take. He used After Effects, Maya, Mudbox, and Premiere.

A visual effects breakdown of some of the shots for the Series 8 ‘Rain’ trailer. This video was not intended (in the beginning) to be upload on YouTube, but the author received enough requests to make it worthwhile.

The music is, appropriately, ‘The New Doctor’ from the Adventure in Space and Time soundtrack.

Someone built a TARDIS

I enjoyed watching the following video. It have beens… (in lack of a better word) fun. If you’ll watch it you probably say I am right. I have no other comments, just watch and have fun.

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Matt Smith writes fan fiction stories about Doctor Who

Yes, writing fan fiction stories, it’s a very good way to connect to the character one is impersonating, even if they will never be published nor they will become episodes of the show.

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