Michelle Gomez’s guide to monsters

The kids from The fan show have challenged Michelle Gomez on how well she can identify some of the other monsters, aliens and potential allies of Missy! Which one you like most? Who would you like to see Missy partner up with?

Doctor Who exclusives galore in this week’s Radio Times magazine

Radio Times Doctor Who monster wall chartIf you are a Whovian you should hurry to get this week’s Radio Times (the magazine’s available to buy now from all good newsagents priced £1.60.) because it includes an exclusive Doctor Who wall chart and a double-page guide to every episode from the second part of series 7 by Steven Moffat. That guide contains airdates, guest star information, detailed plot synopses and a lot of other things.

Also you’ll be able to read Matt Smith and Jenna Louise-Coleman’s thoughts about the relationship between the Doctor and his companion as it will grow and develop on screen over the coming weeks.

They say in this article that you’ll be able to brighten up your bedroom (and possibly give yourself nightmares) with our jumbo wall chart, which profiles all the latest Who villains like the Ice Warriors, the Vigil and the Whispermen in graphic detail.


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Doctor Who Christmas gifts for everyone

It’s almost Christmas time, just a few weeks from now. Did you consider the gifts for friends and loved ones? What about Doctor Who gifts as the image below?

Doctor Who Christmas gifts list

If you are interested, Radio Times presents a gift guide for Christmas in Doctor Who style.

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