The Fourth Doctor returns in animation – Shada trailer

Douglas Adams’ legendary half-finished Doctor Who adventure, Shada was never completed but what actually happened? Ahead of the abandoned classic being brought to life as a brand-new animation we explain why Shada was never originally completed.

A book from Gallifrey holds the key to Shada and you can watch it. Are you ready to travel with Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor, and Romana again? Shada is out on 24th November on EST platforms and on 4th December on DVD and Blu-ray:

The Silurian file

This article is about the Silurians (or homo reptilia, as they are also known): their history, TARDIS Index Files, revies, interviews, and so on.

Here’s all you need to know about the history of the Silurians (and Madame Vastra) over the last 46 years of appearances in Doctor Who. You can get this exclusive Silurian illustration by Titan Comics artist Rachael Stott, available for FREE as a desktop and mobile wallpaper here.

Who Are The Silurians? The TARDIS index file tells you several data about the monsters of last month.

The guys from the fan show try a Silurian review: they discuss the first story, Doctor Who and The Silurians. With Christel Dee, Luke Spillane, Simon Guerrier and Jenny Lippmann.

Neve McIntosh & Lindalee Rose talk about Doctor Who: Lindalee invades the tea-time of Silurian detective Madame Vastra at the Gallifrey One 2016 Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles. What do you think is the future of the investigative team of Vastra, Strax and Jenny (aka the Paternoster Gang), will the much talked about spin-off show become a reality, and what sort of Sonic would Madame Vastra have?

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 487

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 487Contains a long lost interview with the late John Nathan-Turner on the BBC, the fans and his final series as producer. Also, it contains the complete history of how our planet and how we survived 92 alien invasions! And a full story about the Dalek’s first conquest.

It will be out this Thursday!

Top 10 historical characters

Someone counted down the Top 10 real life historical figures from real Earth history that have appeared in Doctor Who.

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History of the Police Box

We are all expecting the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, one year from now (minus one day), but meanwhile let’s remember something from almost 20 years ago. Actually 19, but who’s counting? 😀

The video was transmitted in 1993 as part of the 30th anniversary of Doctor Who. This was part of a celebration of the series with the BBC showing classic episodes including the Time Meddler and Planet of the Daleks.

River Song – Her story, history, timeline from Doctor Who Confidential

 River Song is the companion of the Doctor, his love, who keeps meeting him in the wrong order. This is the chronological order of her life.

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Chameleon Circuit – Gallifreyan History 101

 Another music video for an epic Time Lord Rock song, “Gallifreyan History 101”. It details the (rather complex) history of the Doctor’s race and presents a fact file of handy knowledge in a comedic way. This gem was written by someone best known as Ginger Chris here on YouTube for his band, “Chameleon Circuit”.


At first we were just Gallifreyans and that was fine.
Just taking up space and biding our time
Till Rassilon came along
With his ever present sense of right and wrong
He was strong, he was mighty
He was the founder of Time Lord Society

Now this is the subject that everyone finds the hardest
But you’re gonna have to pass it if you want to earn your TARDIS
Nobody’s graduating from this Academy
Until you’ve all mastered Gallifreyan History

Now Rassilon had a buddy called Omega
His interstellar science would amaze ya
He found our source of power
And devised a cunning plan in under an hour
It went sour, he was erased
But at least now we could travel through time and space

Now if there’s a subject that’s impossible it’s this
In comparison, the Untempered Schism’s a piece of piss
But nobody’s graduating from this Academy
Until you’ve all mastered Gallifreyan History

So now we’re all time lords and that’s just fine
We’re travelling through space, bouncing through time
But we’ve made it clear not to interfere
And that’s a rule to which we all must adhere
But I fear that the Doc
Is away causing havoc in his big blue box

Now that brings up to date and we’re all gravy
I just hope it doesn’t get messed up by Russell T Davies
Nobody’s graduating from this Academy
Until you’ve all mastered Gallifreyan!
Until you can say you’re Gallifreyan!
Until you know all about Gallifreyan History