Alternative Doctor Who themes

This ska version by the Melbourne Ska Orchestra is something cool.

And also the lightly swung jazz version, complete with (sonic) vibraphone solo. In honour of the Herts Jazz Festival 2016, the Youtuber GeorgeCMusic decided to upload this swing jazz arrangement of the Doctor Who theme he made a few years ago. It was created for a Doctor Who fan audio play currently stuck in development hell.

How about a few modulations for solo piano? This Doctor Who jazz cover was created by Bendy, he got the idea from comedian and musical genius Bill Bailey on his live show “The Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra”. And he just had to try it!

DW Theme on Player Piano

Composer and pianist Sonya Belousova and director Tom Grey celebrate over 50 years of Doctor Who by paying tribute to its iconic theme.

Two of several thousands people covering Doctor Who themes on YouTube, but (probably) the only 2 emerging out of a Tardis, walking across a cloud, siting down at their piano, and then playing dressed as every incarnation of the Doctor.

Player Piano is a channel that specialises in huge, visually-elaborate renditions of music from the Street Fighter score to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. And the main theme of Doctor Who.