River Song meets the Fifth Doctor

Or The diary of River Song: series 3 trailer, however you want to call it. Anyway, Alex Kingston returns to play River Song alongside the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) in the latest instalment of The Diary of River Song.

The Husbands of River Song extra – Christmas 2015 special episode

Alex Kingston about returning as River Song and why she loves it.

This year the Christmas presents galore! Alex Kingston and Matt Lucas swap pressies and tell us about festive Doctor Who fun!

This could be one of the creepiest things ever: Greg Davies gazes into the face of a ghastly future…

But even so, Greg Davies is delighted to be playing Hydroflax!

Anyway… you should watch out! There are monsters in the shadows of Doctor Who sets, as Greg Davies found out!

Doctor Who, Christmas special episode 2015 – The husbands of River Song

Or Doctor and River Song’slast aventure (a sort of, because she gets into the Library – episode 8, season 4 – and dies in the second part of the story sacrificing herself to save the Time Lord she loved), or the last 24 years night for the favorite Time Lord and his wife. Name it as you want, all the variants are good.

But this does not mean that this Christmas special episode is River’s last adventure along Doctor’s side – she has kept meeting with the Time Lord in the wrong order for 200 years (you should already know enough details about that) not to offer her a chance to continue their adventures in the right order. Jenna Coleman left recently the show, and Clara Oswald has her chance (a small one, but it’s there) to come back in Doctor’s life, sometime in the future. River was already saved (in electronic format, as a part of the database of the Library), she can easily come back in some form or another – nothing lasts forever, everything changes, and any additional information about the Executive Producers’ plans for her are probably secret.

The action was pretty bad: they wanted to be action packed and funny, but they didn’t make it quite right. They put the accent on funny discussions, the actors seemed sometime not realistic, but they had some good moments: the one when Riven realizes that the man standing next to her is the one she was searching the entire episode, and their connection in that very moment was just great, even if it wasn’t quite good before. If you want to relax a bit and just to have some fun than it’s a good story, but you shouldn’t expect too much from that.

Directed by Douglas Mackinnon, written by Steven Moffat and Toby Whithouse (character “Kahler”).

Cast: Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Alex Kingston (River Song), Matt Lucas (Nardole), Greg Davies (King Hydroflax), Phillip Rhys (Ramone), Rowan Polonski (Flemming), Robert Curtis (Scratch), Anthony Cozens (Concierge), Chris Lew Kim Hoi (Alphonse), Nicolle Smartt (Receptionist), Liam Cook (King Hydrofla’s Body), Nonso Anozie (Hydroflax – voice).

River Song, the journey


This should be one of the rides of a lifetime. At least, the ride of River Song’s lifetime: in this video you can
watch every single scene from Doctor Who that River Song appears in… in the order she lived them. You might need some tissues: from birth to death, River Song has had one of the most wild timey-wimey adventures anyone could ever have with the Doctor.

The video was compiled by Todd and Conner Partridge.

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Through the Years (2005-2013)


This fan-made video with BBC clips from the first 7 years of the New Who features Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith as the Doctor and also Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), Catherine Tate (Donna Noble), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond-Williams), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Alex Kingston (River Song / Melody Pond) and Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald).

River Song Timeline by Will Brooks

Will Brooks is a freelance writer and designer based in Cardiff Bay. You can find other images created by him about Doctor Who, Torchwood and others here and here.

River Song Timeline by Will Brooks

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Farewell to Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor

Just a few days remain until Matt Smith will regenerate to Peter Capaldi, and BBC America celebrates Matt’s last day as The Doctor with an all new original special, narrated by Alex Kingston (Doctor Who’s River Song)… immediately followed by the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special, “The Time of The Doctor”.

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Doctor Who, series 7, episode 13 – The name of the Doctor

I think that many of the ones expecting the final episode of series 7, The name of the Doctor, were in some degree dissapointed about the way Steven Moffat has chosen to solve the Clara Oswald’s mystery. Last week, since the release of the last episode, Nightmare in Silver, a lot of ideas about her identity appeared: she was the Doctor and River Song’s daughter, she was a future incanation of the Doctor (the 12th or the 13th), she was some lost Time Lord from the old series (especially that Steven Moffat said that Clara and the Doctor have met many times in his past), etc. You can search for these ideas, unless you already had some of these them (or similar). But, eventually, the impossible girl was a regular human girl, as you all know – the Doctor studied her life closely.

But how she got to be that special? Not only for the Doctor, but for the entire Universe? Let me tell you, but for this I have to start with the beginning: a convict in the Victorian England told Madame Vastra that the Whispers have spoken about the greatest Doctor’s secret, the one he will take to the grave, and that it was found. Worried, Vastra and Jenny make a conference beyond space and time summoining Strax (left on vacantion), Clara Oswald from 2013, and River Song. The deceased River Song, the one saved by the Doctor as software in the Library’s database (the episodes Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead). The general conclusion, just before being attacked by the new monsters (first time presented in this episode), the Whisperes, is that they have to get to Tranzelor.

Everyone return to his own reality: Vastra to Jenny’s dead body, Strax to the place he was spending his free weekend – they get captured by the Whisperers… and the Great Intelligence impersonated by the same doctor Simeon you could watch in the Christmas special episode. Or almost the same: the Great Inelligence used only his image. Probably you remember that Strax was a nurse at some point, he was recruted along with Vastra, Jenny, Dorian and many others to save Amy Pond and her daughter in the episode A good man goes to war. That knowledge help Strax to save Jenny, but they were of no use when all 3 of them are in danger to lose their lifes, several minutes later.

Clara, along with River Song’s ghost, returns home, meet the Doctor and she tells him about the conference, the message and the trip they have to make to Trenzalor. The expresion “to keep a secret to the grave” has a new meening: the Doctor’s grave is on Trenzalor, the Time Lords’ and their TARDIS-es planet-cemetery. Everybody dies, even the aliens with regenerative powers, and one of the problems about the time travels is that the travelers are put (sometimes) in the situation to visit their own grave. Hardly, Clara, the Doctor and the TARDIS get there, meet their friends and they are almost put to death in order to make the Time Lord to speak his name loudly in order to open his grave to all the visitors.

Do you really think that was a body inside? After the Doctor changed so many bodies during his long life in order to survice? I am letting you find out alone what was in the grave. I only can say that the Great Intelligence’s plan for revenge was to kill the Doctor in all the moments of his life, and the access to his remains was necessary for that action. To save the Doctor Clara accepts to break her being into millions of pieces all along the time and space – the entire Universe. She was always present in Doctor’s life, helping and saving him in ways he would never have suspected until now.

It was an excellent episode, showing the vulnerabilities of a man who’s name alone made entire armies to run away. River and Doctor’s love endures even after her death, and their story will continue further – it remains to watch it how. And John Hurt’s appearance in the end was sensational, he is that incarantion that will betray the name of the Doctor by taking tough decisions necessary to peace and sanity – probably of the entire Universe.

The next episode will be released in November 23drd, 50th anniversary from the release of the first episode of Doctor Who, and it’s created special for this. And, as it is said, it will be extraordinary. 😀

Director: Saul Metzstein, writer and producer: Steven Moffat.

Cast: Matt Smith (The Doctor), Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald), Richard E. Grant (The Great Intelligence), Samuel Irvine (Messenger Boy), Alex Kingston (River Song), Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), Dan Starkey (Strax), Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint), Nasi Voutsas (Andro).

Doctor Who PlayStation home trailer

From this Wednesday, March 27, Doctor Who will come to life like never before in the virtual world of PlayStation Home – offering more than 31 million gamers the chance to interact with iconic elements, environments and costumes from the series.

You can dress up as the Doctor, River Song or even a Silent… 😀

You can deck yourself out in the Eleventh Doctor’s classic tweed jacket and bowtie outfit, and even accessorise with your very own Sonic Screwdriver. For prospective companions, there’s River Song’s catsuit, complete with PDA accessory – but, please don’t peek at her diary. If you fancy being an alien, you can become a prehistoricSilurian or suit up as an ominous Silent. You can even acquire a Cybermat as a companion that will follow you around PlayStation Home (nanovirus – fortunately – not included).

You can find more information and see some pictures here.

Good to know: In celebration of the series’ 50th Anniversary, additional Doctor Who themed virtual goods, environments and social experiences will be added to Doctor Who on PlayStation Home throughout 2013.

Doctor Who and River rescue from the starship Byzantium

Do you remember the episode?

The Doctor and Amy are examining the data of a flight recorder from the starship Byzantium, and see a security feed of River Song standing in front of a doorway, and giving a series of coordinates. The Doctor takes the TARDIS to these coordinates and rescues River right after the door opens, throwing her into space.

Today it’s Valentine’s day… the day when Love is celebrated. What did you do for your lover day? Or any other day?

River Song Confidential from “The Silence in the Library”, “Forest of the Dead” and other episodes of series 5

You can consider this a tribute to Alex Kingston and her character. The first video contains a River Song cutdown from “The Silence in the Library” & “Forest of the Dead” Doctor Who Confidential series, broadcast on BBC 3. Anything that pertains to the character is included.

These are behind-the-scenes clips for episode 4 of Series 5, otherwise known as The Time of Angels.

These are behind-the-scenes clips for episodes 5 and 13 of Series 5, otherwise known as Flesh and Stone and The Big Bang.

Enjoy. 🙂

Doctor Who fan art: Shall we peek at the End?

shall we peek at the end? Doctor Who by girl on the moon
shall we peek at the end? Doctor Who by girl on the moon

Do you remember the end of the episode Forest of the Dead? When the Doctor and his companion, Donna Noble, solved the situation, River Song was dead and the Doctor was wondering if he should read or not her diary? Just before saving River (on the hard drive of the library) one more time.

Well… that’s the moment in the image. Its source is Deviantart: Shall We Peek at the End? – Doctor Who by *Girl-on-the-Moon

The categories: Traditional Art / Drawings / People

NCIS Exclusive: Alex Kingston Cast in ‘A Very Disturbing’ November Sweeps Episode

You know her as River Song, the Doctor’s wife, Amy and Rory’s daughter. You may have remember her from the role from the ER series. He responds to the name Alex Kingston and, according to tvline.com, she is going to appear in a November sweeps episode of TV’s most watched drama series as Miranda Pennebaker, a “woman of questionable morals,” series boss Gary Glasberg tells TVLine exclusively.

This should be interesting. Especially because she will play a shady business woman who gets tangled up with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the NCIS team.

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Doctor Who artwork: the Doctor and River Song dancing

the Doctor and River Song dancing

the Doctor and River Song dancing



A nice drawing with the eleventh Doctor and his wife dancing. The source of the image is Morgana Alexander artwork @tumblr.com

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Episode 4: The angels take Manhattan

You must already know about the Weeping Angels, those creatures that you see as statues, that moves in the moment they are not observed by any living creature and that feed with the temporal energy got from their victims in the moment they are sending them back in time. They move unnoticed, in the dark and they attack everyone. They are the perfect predators, they survived in that way from the beginning of the Universe.

And in the moment you blink and you have an Weeping Angel around you are screwed: you have all the chances to be take from you temporal era, to get somewhere, lost in space and time, and to live your remaining years as you can. They first appeared in the new series of Doctor Who in season 3, episode 10, but they have appeared since a few time. And in the fifth episode of season 7 they brought the end to the Ponds, Doctor’s companions.

The story starts as a mystery novel that take place in Manhattan, New York city: a rich guy hires a detective to find more information about the angels that moves when you are noticing them, he arrives to a building where he find himself as old man… than the Angels zip him back in time.

The text for the book wasn’t legible onscreen but it contains lines from the novel itself.
The text for the book wasn’t legible onscreen but it contains lines from the novel itself.

In Central Park, New York city, year 2012, the Doctor, Amy and Rory went to a picnic and the Doctor read loud a book written by Melody Malone. Rory goes to get some coffee, he finds some Angels that take him by surprise… and the Doctor reads about his adventures in New York, 1939 AD, and the meeting with River Song in the book he was reading for Amy. Considering the time travels and the surprises they often offer, it’s not so unexpected that River Song is the real writer of the book and Melody Malone is just a nickname.

The Doctor and Amy got hardly in the year 1939 because of the temporal distortions that filled the city, they succedded in saving River and finding Rory… both versions: the one know by everybody, as a young guy, and the old one, as an old man in his dying bed. The building from the beginning of the episode was a farm for the Weeping Angels and the city that never sleeps, New York, was the perfect place to feed (almost) not noticed. Watching Rory dying of old age they reach to a fix point in space and time, isn’t it? With the Angels expecting them at the door and the Liberty Statue on the window.

The only way to solve the problem was to create a paradox, and Rory decided to die as young man, jumping from the top of the building. Love made Amy to join him. They saved the situaton, the Weeping Angels disappeared from New York and the events from the beginning of the episode to that point were lost. The timeline was reset. Anyway, Rory and Amy lived the rest of their life far away from the Doctor, but together, until the end. You’ll have to watch the ending of the episode to find out why and how. Their grave is New York.

I am a little sad because Amy ÅŸi Rory left the show, they brought a new glamor in the Doctor’s life, but it was unavoidable to find their own way in one moment or another. The Doctor will have to redefine all over again after meeting his new companion (in the Christmas Special) impersonated by Jenna-Louise Coleman, as he always had done. On the other hand, I hardly expect the episode from the end of December and the ones from next year.

Among the actors there are: Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Alex Kingston (River Song), Mike McShane (Grayle), Rob David (Sam Garner), Ozzie Yue (Foreman), Bentley Kalu (Hood 1), Burnell Tucker (Garner 2).

The director is Nick Hurran, the producer is Marcus Wilson, the writer is Steven Moffat.

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‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ next time trailer

 Intrigue and adventure as the Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song face the Angels in Manhattan.

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Amy and Rory’s exit, described as ‘very final’

Doctor Who: Angels take Manhattan, BBC One
Doctor Who: Angels take Manhattan, BBC One

The Amy and Rory’s exit is close, only 2 episodes until them. There were some rumors about it, we know there are Weeping Angels involved and that Steven Moffat rewrote the ending adventure for the current Doctor’s companions.

Anyway, the exit was described as ‘very final’, something like death. Considering that the Angels are present, and that their almost perfect defensive system, everything can happen. Some time ago I’ve read some rumor that Rory was sent back in time by the touch of an Angel and the next time he met Amy was an old man. Of course, that may not happen. It can be a happy ending, with Amy and Rory aging together, having a long and happy life.

River Song, their Time Lord daughter, is known to appear in the fifth episode, The Angels take Manhattan. Considering that she’s Doctor’s lover, the best ending for Amy and Rory is to let them know they are going to be… exactly… grandparents… It may be a great ending for the first part of season 7, a surprise, just before the Christmas Special and the break to the episodes next year. As I got used in the last Doctor Who series (last season the big surprise before the break was to let Amy and Rory know that River Song was their daughter), the announcement about their grandson (or granddaughter) would be something to expect for.

On the other hand… a new Companion was announced. The actress is Jenna-Louise Coleman, the beautiful brilliant girl from The Asylum of the Daleks. The human transformed into a Dalek.

I’ve never watch the episodes from the original series, but it was said that in the beginning the Doctor was traveling with a companion known to be his daughter. Why should not do that again? Is it unthinkable that Jenna-Louise Coleman to be Doctor’s and River Song’s daughter and, finally, a Dalek? 😀

Let’s watch and see…

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Doctor Who Insider: Farewell to the Ponds

That’s going to happen soon, the departure of the Ponds, just five episodes from now, and it’s a little sad.

“With the departure of the Ponds, that adds great emotional gravitas to the series.” – MATT SMITH (The Doctor)

“The time has to come, and I think it’s the right time.” – KAREN GILLAN (Amy Pond)

“There have been so many incredible moments, and I don’t think it will quite dawn on us how amazing it’s been until we actually leave.” ARTHUR DARVILL (Rory Williams)

“That’s the beauty and the tragedy of whoever plays The Doctor, because people have to go – but he remains.” – ALEX KINGSTON (River Song)

River Song – Her story, history, timeline from Doctor Who Confidential

 River Song is the companion of the Doctor, his love, who keeps meeting him in the wrong order. This is the chronological order of her life.

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Hitler finds out who River Song is

You must know this video from the movie about Hitler released a few years ago, there are some dozen mock-up videos all over Youtube (some have been deleted) about a lot of subjects… the video is original, but the translation was change to fit whatever message the users wanted to send.

In this video Hitler finds out about the Doctor Who mid-series cliffhanger, “A Good Man Goes To War”.

River Song – My Doctor

 Set to her heartbreaking monologue from the Impossible Astronaut, watch River Song’s story unfold, from the day she first met the Doctor to her final sacrifice.

Series 7 in 2012

As far as I read on the internet, it seems that we have to wait about 9 months for the next episodes of Doctor Who. They are meant to be released only in the autumn of 2012.

According to that, the schedule for the next 2 series of Doctor Who looks like this:

Easter Special
Autumn – Series 7 Part 1
Christmas Special

Spring – Series 7 Part 2
Autumn – Series 8
Christmas Special

So the Christmas special is in the middle of the season rather to its end.

Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory) will leaving Doctor Who during series 7. You can watch here her interview taken by the ABC radio. River Song will return.


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