Cavan Scott introduces the Ninth Doctor comic series

You all know about the Ninth Doctor comic series, right? You should have fond out about them until now. Cavan Scott introduces the new 5 part mini-series starring the Ninth Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston.

Written by the co-author of bestselling ‘Who-ology’, Cavan Scott. The Ninth Doctor is back with a brand-new miniseries: Weapons of Past Destruction.

Leaving World War II behind, The Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack discover that Time Lord technology, lost in the wake of the Time War, is being sold on the intergalactic black market! Now the threat of a new temporal war brews on the horizon, can the Doctor stop history repeating itself?

The comic series comes with four covers to collect including a brand-new painted cover by fan-favourite artist Alice X. Zhang!

Weapons of Past Destruction – Comic Book Series with the ninth Doctor

Weapons of Past Destruction, the brand-new 5 part mini-series comics starring the Ninth Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston was written by the co-author of bestselling ‘Who-ology’, Cavan Scott. The Ninth Doctor is back: leaving World War II behind, he, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack discover that Time Lord technology, lost in the wake of the Time War, is being sold on the intergalactic black market! Now the threat of a new temporal war brews on the horizon. Can the Doctor stop history repeating itself?

Through the Years (2005-2013)

This fan-made video with BBC clips from the first 7 years of the New Who features Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith as the Doctor and also Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), Catherine Tate (Donna Noble), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond-Williams), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Alex Kingston (River Song / Melody Pond) and Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald).

The day of the Doctor: Gallifrey falls no more

Yes, yesterday was indeed the day of the Doctor. It was the 50th anniversary from the broadcast of the first episode, thing that happened almost unnoticed because of John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assasination one day before. But a hard start did not stoped the people from the BBC to produce episode after episode, and now, 5 decades later, to produce n episode about the first 3 years of the show and the first Doctor, William Hartnell. An adventure in time and space was broadcast Friday, 22th of November, and it can be describe in one single word: memorable. The British work made the idea to endure and to become a world wide phenomenon.

Last night BBC and some cinemas around the world broadcast the special episode the Day of the Doctor, an episode well done. The history from the Doctor Who Universe says that once there were a temporal war between the Time Lords and a race called the Daleks that burned everything in its way in the universe. The war ended in the moment the Doctor eliminated both rases along with his home planet, Gallifrey, into an attempt to save the rest of the Universe. To do that he stole a weapon called the Moment, something so powerful its operating system became sentient, and the Time Lords could not used it even in the last moments of the war, when the odd were against them. Who could use a weapon of mass destruction that could became his/her judge of the war crimes?

That moment was probably the worst moment in Doctor’s life, so bad that he overlooked or even forgot some things. The John Hurt’s incarnation was considered that Time Lord that betrayed the name of the Doctor.

The day of the Doctor returns to that moment in time and space, bringing along several incarnation of the Time Lord: John Hurt, David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor), Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor). 3 Doctors working together, 3 times greater nightmare to their enemies, including the Daleks. The current companion, Jenna Coleman (Clara) and Billie Piper (known as Rose Tyler or Bad Wolf) are also present. But Tom Baker too, the Forth Doctor, at the end of the episode.

I am not telling you the details of the great story written by Steven Moffat, it has too many turns (more or less unexpected) in the action. If I am starting to write the good or the best stuff that appeared in the episode I will only take you the pleasure and the surprise of watching the show. All I can tell you is that the Zygons, shape-shifting creatures that return in this episode of Doctor Who, provide an important item that help saving the planet Gallifrey and its natives from destruction. So that the Doctor will be able to return home some time in the future.

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Is it always this dangerous?

Do you remember? 🙂 At the end of their very first adventure, the Ninth Doctor (as Christopher Eccleston) offered Rose Tyler (as Billie Piper) an impossible choice: to join him.

I thinks the answer is… rather obvious, even without watching the video. 😀

Later Mickey Smith (as Noel Clarke) also joined as the Doctor’s companion, even it was for a short time.

Billie Piper won’t return as Rose Tyler for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Some time ago there was a rumor that Billie Piper will return this year for the 50th anniversary, but it was just a rumor. Nothing real, at least not yet.

Billie Piper says she “has not been asked” to take part in any Doctor Who 50th anniversary episodes, pouring cold water on the idea that her character, former companion Rose Tyler, might return to the show.

Matt Smith set the rumour mill turning this summer when he said: “If I wanted a companion from the past I would say Rose because I am good friends with Billie.”  But speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Piper, who first appeared as the Doctor’s companion in 2005 when the series returned with Christopher Eccleston, laughed Smith’s comments off as a joke.

“No.  I’ve not been asked.  I think Matt Smith said something in passing or in jest like, ‘That would be nice,’ and it became something, but no.” She said.

The source is Radio Times.

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Rose meets the Doctor – End of Time

Do you remember the episode? End of time was the end of the Tenth Doctor…when he started visiting his companions. Open your eyes, keep your attention during this Christmas. You may be the future Doctor Who companion….

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Doctor Who and The Slitheen Unmasked

Do you remember the Slitheen invasion early in the first series of the new Doctor Who? Rosie have been missing for one whole year, she returned and she was feeling weird that she could not speak about her adventures. Then an alien ship crashed in London, destroying Big Ben in the process…

In that eipsode the Doctor needed Rose’s mum’s help as members of government and the military reveal themselves to be the fiendish aliens the Slitheen.

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Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead, Doctor Who series 1, episode 3

Do you remember Charles Dickens and the Unquiet Dead, the third episode from new series of Doctor Who? The TARDIS lands in Cardiff 1869. There The Doctor and Rose team up with none other than Charles Dickens as they deal with a funeral parlor where it seems that corpses have come to life.

It is said that the BBC team loved Eve Myles (especially the writer Russell T. Davies) so much in the role of the maid that they cast her in the spin-off of Doctor Who, Torchwood.

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A race against the Sun

The very second episode of the new Doctor Who series, where the Doctor took Rose to the end of the world. The show has not changed to much since then: the companions came and went, the Doctor had changed, but one thing remained the same: he is always running to save something. Or someone. And you have to love him for that.

Some things are unavoidable, others can be changed. But you can be sure that the Doctor will be always there, in the middle of the action, often without knowing what brought him there or why. He is getting us with him along the action, and we ask him (the producers, the actors, the screen writers) for more and more.

6 years have past since the broadcast of that episode. It’s the middle of the seventh series and the show is not going to stop any time soon. As you already know, the Ponds have left, another companion is going to meet the doctor in December, at Christmas special episode. The Doctor is going to change again, to meet half way the Jenna-Louise’s character, but he will run to save the world many times from now on.

I hope you’l enjoy the show. I know I will.

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Doctor Who in the beginning: I’m the Doctor by the way

At least, the beginning of Doctor Who for me. Do you remember the first episode of the new series? When Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor and she is faced with a choice: return to her normal life or join him on an extraordinary journey. We all know what she chose… and we are all glad about it.

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Noel Clarke on his new movie Fast Girls

From my point of view I want to keep an eye on the people I’ve been watching in Doctor Who series even after leaving the show. This is one of this cases.

Noel Clarke, knows as Mickey Smith, boyfriend of Rose Tyler in Doctor Who
Noel Clarke, knows as Mickey Smith, boyfriend of Rose Tyler in Doctor Who

You may know and remember Noel Clarke for playing Mickey Smith, boyfriend of Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) in Doctor Who until leaving the regular cast in 2006. Since then the actor-writer-director-producer has been mighty busy and Radio Times writes about it.

Having written hugely successful movies Kidulthood and its follow-up Adulthood (which he also directed), Clarke has recently landed a part in the much-hyped Star Trek sequel alongside fellow Brits Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve.
Today (Friday 15th) sees the release of his latest offering, Fast Girls, which he wrote and starred in – a feel-good movie about a group of girls training for the 2012 Olympics, only you wouldn’t know it’s London 2012 as halfway through the shoot Clarke was informed he couldn’t mention the words “Olympics” or “2012” because they were copyrighted.

Radio Times also says that:

Fast Girls – warm, sugary and uplifting – represents Clarke’s desire to make varied films. His successes with Kidulthood and Adulhood led to the industry consigning him to the ‘grime’ genre: “I wrote loads of films that were different, and people weren’t interested – they just wanted another hood movie. So I said, well I kind of grew up in that environment, but it wasn’t me. If it was me, I probably wouldn’t be writing, d’you know what I mean?”

I hope you enjoyed watching the movie Fast Girls. Anyway, you can find more information here.

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Doctor Who companion is the main character, not the Doctor

Steven Moffat: the companion is the main character in Doctor Who, not the DoctorTell me: have you have ever watch or read a story about a great hero (who saved the world or the history or the entire Universe) that was alone and had almost nobody around him? If there are any such stories they are anonymous. The reason is very simple: there was no one there to tell (us) the story. All the good stories have been told by others… and the Doctor stories are not exceptions.

In an interview published on Radio Times the writer Steven Moffat is establishing the priorities for the Doctor Who characters:

Doctor Who head writer Steven Moffat says the series tells the story of the Doctor’s companion, rather than the Time Lord himself, and that the thought of the Doctor travelling alone is “depressing” and “unhealthy”.

“The story of Doctor Who is always the story of the companion, it’s always their story,” said Moffat. “It was Rose Tyler’s story, it’s Amy Pond’s story – the story of the time they knew the Doctor and how that began; how it developed and how it ended.”

Current companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams – aka Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill – are set to leave the show partway through the upcoming series, with Jenna-Louise Coleman starting a new chapter when she makes her first appearance in the Christmas special.

“The story begins again, not so much with the new Doctor, but with the new companion,” Moffat told BBC America. “It is their story. The Doctor’s the hero, but they’re the main character.”