Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper’s first big scene together

To celebrate 10 years, the first decade, of New Doctor Who this week the people managing the Doctor Who Youtube channel are travelling back in time with some special videos and even some brand new artwork.

The first stop is July 2004, the day when Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper were recording their first big dialogue scene in Central London. The scene was taken from Doctor Who Confidential Series 1.

Christopher Eccleston’s first scene – I’m The Doctor by the way

I hope you remember Christopher Eccleston’s first scene as The Doctor and you enjoy it as it deserve: Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor. She is faced with a choice: return to her normal life or join him on an extraordinary journey.

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What happened with Rory’s father?

The episode ‘The Angels take Manhattan’ left (at least) one thing open: what happened with Mark Williams, Rory’s father, and the Ponds after they got 50 years before they were born. There was an unshot scene by Chris Chibnall that was supposed to clear such thing, but it was put on tape.

Accordingly to this video/cartoon uploaded on Youtube by the BBC team, Rory send a letter to his father explaining why he and Amy will never return from their trip. The guy that delivered the mail was… their son. Their adopted son.

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