Doctor Who: Series 7 Original TV Soundtrack (Music CD)

Silva Screen Records has released its eighth Doctor Who album since 2006 – Doctor Who Series 7 – Original TV Soundtrack

This 2 CD set offers a feast of 74 new Murray Gold themes, covering music from all 13 stories of Series 7. You can download Doctor Who Series 7 – Original TV Soundtrack from Silva Screen, and you can also listen to clips from the soundtrack here.

Uniquely this series was made up of 13 self-contained stories and this 2 CD set offers a feast of new themes with music from each and every story and is the eighth soundtrack release since 2006. Gold’s phenomenal output as a composer began close to twenty years ago and he has stacked up five BAFTA nominations (two for Doctor Who) plus three Royal Television Society nominations and a win for Queer As Folk. In 2013 Murray Gold celebrated one his greatest musical accomplishments with a third Doctor Who Prom at the Royal Albert Hall celebrating his distinctive scores.

Disc: 1

  • 1. Asylum Of The Daleks – They Are Everywhere
  • 2. Asylum Of The Daleks – Save Us
  • 3. Asylum Of The Daleks – Dalek Parliament
  • 4. Asylum Of The Daleks – Oswin Oswald
  • 5. Asylum Of The Daleks – Towards The Asylum
  • 6. Asylum Of The Daleks – A Probe In The Snow
  • 7. Asylum Of The Daleks – Amy And Rory Together
  • 8. Asylum Of The Daleks – The Terrible Truth
  • 9. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship – Dinosaurs On A Spaceship/Pterodactyls
  • 10. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship – Brian
  • 11. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship – Take A Ride On Tricey
  • 12. A Town Called Mercy – Make Peace
  • 13. A Town Called Mercy – Welcome To Mercy
  • 14. A Town Called Mercy – Out West
  • 15. A Town Called Mercy – Gunslingers
  • 16. A Town Called Mercy – The Salvation Of Kahler Jex
  • 17. A Town Called Mercy – Our Little Towns Prosecutor
  • 18. The Power Of Three – Cubes
  • 19. The Power Of Three – While We Waited
  • 20. The Power Of Three – Brian’s Log
  • 21. The Angels Take Manhattan – New York New York
  • 22. The Angels Take Manhattan – I Am You
  • 23. The Angels Take Manhattan – Melody Malone
  • 24. The Angels Take Manhattan – Little Angels
  • 25. The Angels Take Manhattan – My Husband’s Home
  • 26. The Angels Take Manhattan – Hide The Damage
  • 27. The Angels Take Manhattan – Almost The End
  • 28. The Angels Take Manhattan – Together Or Not All All – The Song Of Amy And Rory
  • 29. The Angels Take Manhattan – Goodbye Pond
  • 30. The Bells Of Saint John – Cumbria 1207
  • 31. The Bells Of Saint John – Monking About
  • 32. The Bells Of Saint John – Spoonheads
  • 33. The Bells Of Saint John – Clara?
  • 34. The Bells Of Saint John – A Turbulent Flight
  • 35. The Bells Of Saint John – Bah Bah Biker
  • 36. The Bells Of Saint John – Up The Shard
  • 37. The Bells Of Saint John – I Might Change My Mind

Disc: 2

  • 1. The Rings Of Akhaten – The Leaf
  • 2. The Rings Of Akhaten – Something Awesome
  • 3. The Rings Of Akhaten – Market Day
  • 4. The Rings Of Akhaten – Merry Gejelh
  • 5. The Rings Of Akhaten – God Of Akhaten
  • 6. The Rings Of Akhaten – The Speeder
  • 7. The Rings Of Akhaten – Never Wake
  • 8. The Rings Of Akhaten – The Long Song
  • 9. The Rings Of Akhaten – Infinite Potential
  • 10. The Rings Of Akhaten – Always You, Never A Replacement
  • 11. Cold War – Cold War
  • 12. Cold War – Skaldak
  • 13. Hide – I Am A Ghost
  • 14. Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis – A Machine That Makes Machines
  • 15. The Crimson Horror – Crimson Horror
  • 16. The Crimson Horror – Sweetville
  • 17. The Crimson Horror – Thomas Thomas
  • 18. Nightmare In Silver – Hedgewicks World
  • 19. Nightmare In Silver – Tiberian Spiral Galaxy
  • 20. Nightmare In Silver – Upgrade In Progress
  • 21. Nightmare In Silver – The Dream Of Cyberia
  • 22. Nightmare In Silver – What A Brain
  • 23. Nightmare In Silver – Cant Win
  • 24. Nightmare In Silver – Your Orders Come From Me
  • 25. Nightmare In Silver – Other Good News
  • 26. Nightmare In Silver – The Impossible Girl
  • 27. Nightmare In Silver – Cyber Army
  • 28. Nightmare In Silver – The Emperors Wife
  • 29. Nightmare In Silver – Some Wednesday
  • 30. The Name Of The Doctor – To Save The Doctor
  • 31. The Name Of The Doctor – A Letter To Clara
  • 32. The Name Of The Doctor – What Is His Name?
  • 33. The Name Of The Doctor – A Secret He Will Take To His Grave
  • 34. The Name Of The Doctor – Trenzalore
  • 35. The Name Of The Doctor – I Am Information
  • 36. The Name Of The Doctor – Pain Everlasting
  • 37. The Name Of The Doctor – Remember Me

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Behind the Scenes of The Name of the Doctor – Doctor Who Series 7

Behind the scenes with Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor), Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald), Steven Moffat and Dan Starkey (Strax).

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Doctor Who, series 7, episode 13 – The name of the Doctor

I think that many of the ones expecting the final episode of series 7, The name of the Doctor, were in some degree dissapointed about the way Steven Moffat has chosen to solve the Clara Oswald’s mystery. Last week, since the release of the last episode, Nightmare in Silver, a lot of ideas about her identity appeared: she was the Doctor and River Song’s daughter, she was a future incanation of the Doctor (the 12th or the 13th), she was some lost Time Lord from the old series (especially that Steven Moffat said that Clara and the Doctor have met many times in his past), etc. You can search for these ideas, unless you already had some of these them (or similar). But, eventually, the impossible girl was a regular human girl, as you all know – the Doctor studied her life closely.

But how she got to be that special? Not only for the Doctor, but for the entire Universe? Let me tell you, but for this I have to start with the beginning: a convict in the Victorian England told Madame Vastra that the Whispers have spoken about the greatest Doctor’s secret, the one he will take to the grave, and that it was found. Worried, Vastra and Jenny make a conference beyond space and time summoining Strax (left on vacantion), Clara Oswald from 2013, and River Song. The deceased River Song, the one saved by the Doctor as software in the Library’s database (the episodes Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead). The general conclusion, just before being attacked by the new monsters (first time presented in this episode), the Whisperes, is that they have to get to Tranzelor.

Everyone return to his own reality: Vastra to Jenny’s dead body, Strax to the place he was spending his free weekend – they get captured by the Whisperers… and the Great Intelligence impersonated by the same doctor Simeon you could watch in the Christmas special episode. Or almost the same: the Great Inelligence used only his image. Probably you remember that Strax was a nurse at some point, he was recruted along with Vastra, Jenny, Dorian and many others to save Amy Pond and her daughter in the episode A good man goes to war. That knowledge help Strax to save Jenny, but they were of no use when all 3 of them are in danger to lose their lifes, several minutes later.

Clara, along with River Song’s ghost, returns home, meet the Doctor and she tells him about the conference, the message and the trip they have to make to Trenzalor. The expresion “to keep a secret to the grave” has a new meening: the Doctor’s grave is on Trenzalor, the Time Lords’ and their TARDIS-es planet-cemetery. Everybody dies, even the aliens with regenerative powers, and one of the problems about the time travels is that the travelers are put (sometimes) in the situation to visit their own grave. Hardly, Clara, the Doctor and the TARDIS get there, meet their friends and they are almost put to death in order to make the Time Lord to speak his name loudly in order to open his grave to all the visitors.

Do you really think that was a body inside? After the Doctor changed so many bodies during his long life in order to survice? I am letting you find out alone what was in the grave. I only can say that the Great Intelligence’s plan for revenge was to kill the Doctor in all the moments of his life, and the access to his remains was necessary for that action. To save the Doctor Clara accepts to break her being into millions of pieces all along the time and space – the entire Universe. She was always present in Doctor’s life, helping and saving him in ways he would never have suspected until now.

It was an excellent episode, showing the vulnerabilities of a man who’s name alone made entire armies to run away. River and Doctor’s love endures even after her death, and their story will continue further – it remains to watch it how. And John Hurt’s appearance in the end was sensational, he is that incarantion that will betray the name of the Doctor by taking tough decisions necessary to peace and sanity – probably of the entire Universe.

The next episode will be released in November 23drd, 50th anniversary from the release of the first episode of Doctor Who, and it’s created special for this. And, as it is said, it will be extraordinary. 😀

Director: Saul Metzstein, writer and producer: Steven Moffat.

Cast: Matt Smith (The Doctor), Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald), Richard E. Grant (The Great Intelligence), Samuel Irvine (Messenger Boy), Alex Kingston (River Song), Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), Dan Starkey (Strax), Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint), Nasi Voutsas (Andro).

Neil Gaiman on Nightmare in Silver, Doctor Who series 7

Neil Gaiman reveals the process behind the return of the Cybermen in Nightmare in Silver. I hope it’s good enough for the ones complaining about the episode in some review last few days…

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Doctor Who Inside Look: Fast Cybermen in ‘Nightmare in Silver’

Watch an All New Doctor Who Inside Look at “Nightmare in Silver”, the eleventh episode from Doctor Who series 7 – featuring Exclusive Interviews with lead writer & executive producer Steven Moffat and star Matt Smith.

Hear from MATT about “what if the Doctor was a real evil dude,” and from STEVEN about having the Cybermen back: “Apart from that handle head, everything else is up for grabs.”

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Doctor Who, series 7, episode 12, The Nightmare in Silver

To better understand the context of the action of The nightmare in silver there are 2 things that have to be explained: the first one have Clara Oswald in the center of attention. At the end of the previous episode, The Crimson Horror, the Doctor’s companion is blackmailed by the children she’s taking care to take them with her in the next adventure. So the TARDIS get to Hedgewick’s world, the best and the wonderful amusement park in the galaxy, a quarter of a million years in the future, with four time travelers: the Doctor, Clara, Artie and Angie. The reason? The Doctor had a very useful golden ticket (he will use it to some point to block the Cyberade) that gets you free access and free icecream for 4 persons.

On the other hand, one thousand years before that moment, the empire that included the human race fought for a long time to the cybernetic organisms called the Cybermen in the Cyber wars. The humans won that war, but with huge costs: an entire galaxy and its inhabitants just dissapeared (died), along with the enemies. Since that war the humas had taken only drastic measures: when they found a Cyberman that they could not destroy on the spot: to destroy the entire planet, even with the price of their lifes. The reason was very simple: the upgrading function these cybernetic organism for the features of any kind (a long time ago they were humans upgraded for war and not only) was very efficient, many times having the chance to use the enemy troops as spare parts to defeat the enemy side considered to that moment on the virge of victory.

That’s why the new versions of Cyberman are a lot better than the one met in the previous episodes: the move quicly, almost incredible fast, they offer many surprises to the ones hunting them (not only detachable hands and head), and the extensions they use to gather information and to repair damaged cyborgs have reduced remarkable in size. They are called now Cybermite and play an important role in killing the team of soldiers sent on this empty planet.

Returning to the action of the episode, once arrived on the Hedgewick’s lost world, the Doctor and his companions met the troopers maneuvering on the surface and Mr. Webley, a showman that got there without knowng that he would not get any spectators. He invites the new guys to play chess with a non-functional Cyberman, but manipulated by the small Porridge.

In some moment, after they have explored the area a bit, Clara and the kids were ready to go, but the Doctor stoped them observing the mechanism in small sizes that apparently infested the place. The problems start to appear when Artie and Angie are taken prisoners and their transformation into Cyberman, along with Webley and the Doctor, is initiated. The Cyber Planner is not a new idea, it has been used in the old series, but it’s the first one when it is addressed directly to Doctor’s mind creating reactions internal and external of the struggle between multiple personalities in the same body.

Maybe you are wondering how the cybernetic organisms could infect a Time Lord attempting (more or less successful) to transform him… To this episode the Cybermen could not convert beings other than humans, and Doctor is an alien. The problem of the constant technological upgrading is that, unavoidable, the technology adapts to any situation and being it gets in contact with – on this thing Neil Gaiman based when he wrote the story. In a way he did it, the Doctor’s enemies got more frightening than before, but the story have some faults (how the soldiers got the weapons used in a war that took place one thousand years before, electrocuting the cyborgs using water seems a little too trivial in that context, etc.).

The action is based on a game of chess, the soldiers’ resistance against the asalt of 3 milion Cybermen and the attempt to stop them without destroying the entire planet. If I made you curious enought you will watch the episode without other details. The story could be a lot better, but it works. I hope you’ll enjoy it as you should.

Cast: Matt Smith (The Doctor), Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald), Jason Watkins (Webley), Warwick Davis (Porridge), Eve de Leon Allen (Angie), Kassius Carey Johnson (Artie), Tamzin Outhwaite (Captain), Eloise Joseph (Beauty), Will Merrick (Brains), Calvin Dean (Ha-Ha), Zahra Ahmadi (Missy), Aidan Cook (Cyberman).

Writer Neil Gaiman, director Stephen Woolfenden, producer Marcus Wilson.

Behind the scenes of Nightmare in Silver with Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman. Narrated by Richard Bacon.

The Cyber Wars – Nightmare in Silver: preview, Doctor Who series 7

Clara learns the terrible truth about the Cyber wars. The Doctor faces new, even deadlier Cybermen in this action-packed episode by Neil Gaiman.

On the other hand, “It’s hard to fight an enemy that uses your armies as spare parts…” Warwick Davis guest stars in ‘Nightmare in Silver’.

Watch it, the 12th episode of series 7, the new Doctor Who adventure, on BBC One on Saturday 11th May at 7pm, and on:

Saturday 11th May
BBC America — 8/7c
Space (Canada) — 8/5e

Sunday 12th May
ABC (Australia) — 7.30pm
BBC Entertainment (South Africa) — 7pm
BBC Entertainment (Poland) — 6pm

Nightmare in Silver: Next Time on Doctor Who, series 7

In the next episode, Nightmare in Silver, the Doctor faces new, even deadlier Cybermen in this action-packed episode by Neil Gaiman.

The Doctor has been talked by Clara Oswald into taking the two kids she looks after, Artie and Angie, for an excursion, a day out, after they blackmailed her. The Doctor decides to take them to Hedgewick’s World, the biggest, best and most wonderful amusement park in the galaxy, a quarter of a million years in the future, because he has a golden ticket and it gets four people in for free, gets you free ice creams and it gets you to the front of any line, which is great because the lines for the Spacey Zoomer can go on for weeks. And that’s where it starts.

Unfortunately, it also starts with them discovering that Hedgewick’s World has been closed for several years and there’s almost nobody on it now except for a small army troop on manoeuvres and a mad old showman named Mr Webley who landed his spaceship there after it closed and is now there with a Cyberman that plays chess. That’s where it begins. This is also 1,000 years after the end of the big human/Cyberman war – where the humans won.

Watch Nightmare in Silver, the new Doctor Who adventure, on BBC One on Saturday 11th May at 7pm, and on:

Saturday 11th May
BBC America — 8/7c
Space (Canada) — 8/5e

Sunday 12th May
ABC (Australia) — 7.30pm
BBC Entertainment (South Africa) — 7pm
BBC Entertainment (Poland) — 6pm

Doctor Who, series 7, episode 11 – `The Crimson Horror` review

“Yes, I’m the Doctor, you’re nuts, and I’m gonna stop you.”

“In the wrong hands, that venom could wipe out all life on this planet!”

Do you know about the not scientific proved story that the retina from a dead man’s eyes keeps the very last thing he had seen before dying? The medicine says that things can’t happen, at least in normal conditions. In the victorian times, in Yorkshire the year 1983 (the very next year after the events in the Christmas special episode, The snowmen, from London), started to appear dead man in the canals with a strange spect: scarlet-red skin, almost shining, and with the images from the moment of dead imprinted on the retina.

The Doctor and Clara arrive in Yorkshire by accident (they wanted to get in London) and become interested by the mystery. They discover that it was about some poison and the Sweetville mill, managed by Mrs. Gillyflower, is somehow related to that deaths. They try to get inside the society presided by the old lady and her silent partner, Mr. Sweet, and they disappear from the face of the Earth – at least from the point of everyone else. It’s not something unusual: about everybody accepted in the group disappeared without trace… or they were found dead in mysterious circumstances.

Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax get involved in the story when the brother of a deceased reporter shows them the pictures he has taken… the Doctor’s image was very clear in the reporter’s eyes, so they go to solve the mystery and save the Doctor. Jenna gets inside the mill and finds the prisoner – a waste of the process that transformed the normal humans into scarlet dead corps. The only reason he was still alive (beside his internal alien chemistry that made him partially immune to the virus) was the attachment Ada Gillyflower (the blind daughter of the old lady responsible for everything) felt for him – she preferred to keep a monster as companion instead throwing him into the canals, along with the rest of the waste.

The Doctor is saved, along with Jenny they save Clara, and the team reunited (Vastra and Strax join them) try to save the world one more time: the Sweetville is the Winifred Gillyflower trial to save the most beautiful and the most intelligent from an disaster she was intending to do. She and the very old leech (the reptilians had very similar problems about 65 million years ago) was bound into a symbiotic creature – its red colored venom was produced in industrial quantities to transform and kill people.

I let you to discover yourselves how they finished their adventure. I only have to mention that Strax was funny as usual, but he did his job: he saved his team twice in this episode. The most cool scene from the show was in the end of the episode, when the children Clara is taking care about show her some old images (from 1970s’ and from 1983, but also a picture from Victorian London) and they blackmail her promising they would tell their father that their nanny was a time travel unless she was going to take them along in her next adventure. So, in the next episode the Doctor will have more companions than before… in an amusement park pillaged by Cybermen…

The director is Saul Metzstein, and the writer is Mark Gatiss.

The cast: Matt Smith (The Doctor), Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald), Jack Oliver Hudson (Urchin Boy), Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), Diana Rigg (Winifred Gillyflower), Dan Starkey (Strax), Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint), Rachael Stirling (Ada Gillyflower).

Series 7, episode 11: `The Crimson Horror` preview

“Yes, I’m the Doctor, you’re nuts, and I’m gonna stop you.”

“In the wrong hands, that venom could wipe out all life on this planet!”

In “The Crimson Horror” there’s something very odd about Mrs Gilly flower’s Sweetville mill, with its perfectly clean streets and beautiful people. There’s something even stranger about the bodies washing up in the river, all bright red and waxy.

When the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his companion, Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman), go missing, it’s up to Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny (Catrin Stewart) and Strax (Dan Starkey) to rescue them before they too fall victim to the Crimson Horror!

With special guests Diana Rigg and Diana’s daughter Rachel Stirling appearing together on screen for the first time!

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Doctor Who, series 7, episode 10 – Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

If I have to describe this episode of Doctor Who I would say it’s intense. Very intense. The fans that watched the series 7 so far noticed by now that the Tardis and Clara did not understood too  well… Or, at least, not as the Doctor would have liked… teasing from one girl to another being something normal lately (the last few episodes). That’s probably why the Tardis was impersonated by a woman last season, in The Doctor’s wife.

So the Doctor let Clara pilot the Tardis once, a test to make them deal with each other, a mistake that let some scavengers recovering lost abandoned ships to target the blue box that was apparently lost in space and to take it out. The 3 brothers Van Baalen from the salvage ship get the damaged Tardis inside and try to get inside. The succeed only when the Doctor convince them to save Clara, trapped and in danger, offering them the most valuable salvage of their lives.

Doctor’s power of persuasion is matched only by the lies he uses to force the Van Baalen brothers to do their best in saving Clara: he stars a false auto destruct mechanism setting it for one hour, then it reduce the time period to 30 minutes because of the protests. He would reduce it again to 15 minutes if his new prisoners would protest again. The danger is not small: the toxic gases and fire fill entire Tardis sections, unknown creatures (at least in the beginning) hunts the people inside. Even the self destruct was false, the Tardis engine overloaded and it was about to explode (as the Doctor discovered to some point). That’s why I said the episode was very intense (and funny from time to time, especially because of Clara): the heroes does not stay for a moment, many times the action does not stop and it’s very alert, and the surprises are not just a few.

The references about the interior of the Tardis are many spread all over the last 7 series, the library being somewhere next to the pool, the old control rooms being kept in storage, safe, etc. In this episode we did not get to the pool, but we visited (with Clara’s help) the building sized library. The Time Lord’s companion find out the name of the Doctor, preparing so the season 7 finale (The name of the Doctor), but she might not remember this essential element to the end of the episode. The solution found to solve the problems is rather familiar to the ones watching the 5 series and know about the cracks in time through the moments in the time, present and future are leaking.

I don’t want to insist about another details, it remains for you to watch the episode to find them out. But the solution to solve the problem is very simple and elegant, allowing space for mystery and other questions.

Director Mat King, writer Stephen Thompson, producer Marcus Wilson, executive producers Steven Moffat şi Caroline Skinner.

Cast: Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor), Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald), Ashley Walters (Gregor Van Baalen), Mark Oliver (Bram Van Baalen), Jahvel Hall (Tricky Van Baalen).


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Doctor Who – Series 7, episode 9 – Hide

If you love the ghost stories you will love episode 9, season 7 of new Doctor Who series. It does not have the name Hide for nothing: the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman) get to Caliburn House where the supernatural investigator Professor Alan Palmer (Dougray Scott) and his “emotional psychic” assistant Emma Grayling (Jessica Raineas) try to gather information about the ghost haunting the mansion. The historical data gathered about the Witch of the Well covered a few centuries when the Doctor and Clara dropped in.

More: besided the 3 human occupants and a Time Lord there were a creature inside the mansion, passing almost unnoticeable from one room to another. It frightened the Doctor and his companion in their trial to know the house and find the ghost.

In this episode everyone has his/her own agenda: the professor Alan Palmer wanted to find out more about the life beyond because of his experiences in the war, when he killed and people died because of him. The Doctor wanted to ask Emma Grayling about his current companion, the mistery girl that died twice and still was beside him. Clara had something against the TARDIS that did not accepted her easily, taunting her any time she could. Emma was in love with the professor and, as any love story, that was blocking her native empathy and she could not feel professor’s feeling toward her.

All these stories are around the ghost in the Caliburn House and the successful trials to contact her. The TARDIS offered the Doctor the possibility to recognize in this ghost another temporal traveler that got stranded into a pocket Universe – a bubble inside our own Universe, but almost apart from it. It was needed a strong medium in order to make a connection between the two Universes and to save the captives from the smaller one.

No, the plural is not a mistake. Because there were 2 prisoners: a beautiful dark time traveler woman named Hila (Kemi-Bo Jacobs) and the partner of the creature I’ve mentioned before. But I am letting you discover yourselves how the situation was solved and how the love stories were continued. I’ve already said to much, so I can mention only one element: there is a surprise I’ve not mentioned.

Written by Neil Cross. Cast: The Doctor (Matt Smith), Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), Alec Palmer (Dougray Scott), Emma Grayling (Jessica Raine), Hila (Kemi-Bo Jacobs), The Crooked Man (Aiden Cook).

Series 7, episode 9: ‘Hide’ trailers

In “Hide,” Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) and the Doctor (Matt Smith) arrive at Caliburn House, a haunted mansion sat alone on a desolate moor.

“It’s ghost time!”

“I am the Doctor – and I am afraid!”

Don’t miss an all new episode of Doctor Who, Hide, premiering Saturday Apr 20 at 8/7c on BBC America.

Within its walls, a ghost-hunting Professor and a gifted psychic are searching for the Witch of the Well. Her apparition appears throughout the history of the building, but is she really a ghost? And what is chasing her?

It falls to the Doctor to determine just who or what the Witch is once and for all…

Written by Luther showrunner Neil Cross, Hide guest-stars Jessica Raineas “emotional psychic” Emma Grayling and Dougray Scott as supernatural investigator Professor Alan Palmer.

Series 7, episode 8 – Cold War review

Let’s put the problem a little different this time: with a exercise for imagination. How would you feel if you were a marshal, commander for an entire fleet, hero to your species, exiled, and you discover that you have been trapped in ice for about 5 thousand years? More: your people does not respond to your distress signals, while the natives attack you and chain you to the wall. Considering all these, considering the Martian code that says if you attack one of us you attack all of us, it’s obvious that the Doctor was worried when he found out the Ice Warrior he met on the nuclear soviet submarine in 1983 was the Great Marshal Skaldak.

For the one who does not know the old series and the Ice Warriors’ previous appearances, they are a species of lizards from Mars that became cyborgs in order to survice on their planet seizured by an Ice Age (one year, long ago, the spring just did not come). They ruled over a large area before their planet heated up quickly and everything went wrong.

In the moment the Doctor and his companion, Clara Oswald, get under the ice pack the soviet with a load of nuclear missiles, Skaldak was already awake, away from the ice prison. Damaged, the submarine was sinking uncontrollable – a risky maneuver was necessary in order to stop it: they proped it up to an underwater cliff at a dept of 700 meters. The Martian felt offended the soviet soldiers’ attack, also the chaining to the wall. The lack of response from his people make him believe that they dissapeared, he was deseted and he had only revenge left. The nuclear missiles from thw war ship and the Cold War, the great menace of the 1980’s that kept the Americans, the Soviets and their alliets under tension, are a very good opportunity to make Earth into a new red planet… but with the blood of its inhabitants.

As it was told, this episode was the first ocassion the Doctor was able to see an Ice Warrior outside the armour that made them famous in the past. But I have no intention to offer you details about how the Martian lizzard looks like, or about how they solved the problem. All I can say is that there is always honor between warriors, no matter their side.

It was an episode a little… dark. It reminded me about the Alien series with elements from the Predator series rather than the usual Doctor Who episodes. But it was an interesting show and I am recommending it.

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Series 7, episode 7 – The rings of Akhaten

Do you remember the dry leaf that had appeared in Clara’s book, the one with 101 places to visit? At the end of the previous episode, The Bells of Saint John, the Doctor asked why she was keeping a leaf, and the answer that he got was very simple: that was not a leaf, that was the first chapter. When you’ll have the chance to watch (again) The rings of Akhaten remember all these.

Also in the previous episode the Time Lord is decided to find out exactly who Clara Oswald is, and we are finding along him in this episode her short history: her parents met because that dry leaf the wind had taken from a tree on the street into Clara’s dad’s face, they felt in love, got married and had a daughter. She later had a great connection with the mother she lost as a teenager.

Do you love aliens? Clara’s first trip to outer space is full of them, as various and strange as possible, so the interactions with some of the are… not as smooth as she would like. 😀 The inhabitants of the 7 worlds orbiting around the star Akhaten share a common belief: the life in the Universe started on a planet in their own system. So they have built a pyramid shaped temple on that planet, and on every thousand years (or so), when the rings are aligned, they are keeping the Festival of Offerings.

Walking on what seems rather a bazaar Clara meets a girl, Mary, the Queen of Years, that, visible frightened, runs trying to escape from some guys chasing her. Doctor’s companion finds out that the little girl was supposing to sing their stories in front of the world and the Old God. And, as any child, she was afraid not to make mistakes. Clara tries to give her confidence, she succeeds, but she can not stay aside when the girls is taken away to the temple during the show. She and the Doctor try to save her and, eventually, they have to fight against the Old God supposed to be sleeping. The sings and the Queen of Years sacrifice were meant to keep him away, sleeping for another thousand years or so, until a new ring alignment and another Festival of Offerings.

I prefer to let you discover yourselves the way the Doctor and Clara solve this problem, I don’t want to spoil your surprise. But what’s the value of a song, of a story? What makes a story interesting and how much? Do you prefer the adventures that happen during one thousand years life (as the Doctor’s), some of them even extraordinary, or the ones you can create yourselves day by day, second by second? Do you prefer other man’s adventures or yours? When you’ll answers these questions you’ll be ready to watch this episode. 😀

Cast: Matt Smith (The Doctor), Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara), Emilia Jones (Merry), Michael Dixon (Dave), Nicola Sian (Ellie), Chris Anderson (The Chorister), Aidan Cook (The Mummy), Karl Greenwood (Dor’een).

Director: Farren Blackburn, producer: Denise Paul, writer: Neil Cross. Series Producer: Marcus Wilson.

Welcome to The rings of Akhaten, a preview

A preview clip to the next episode, number 7, of the 7th series: The rings of Akhaten. Enjoy. 🙂

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Series 7, episode 7, The Rings of Akhaten trailer

The new episode will be on air on April 6 on BBC America. Until then let’s watch a preview… 😀 Enjoy. It should be interesting to see the Doctor armed… with a screwdriver.

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Series 7, episode 6: The Bells of Saint John

Do you remember the warning posted on youtube 2 days ago? The one warning people that there is a dangerous wi-fi signal that they must not access because others will have access to you using it and they will steal your souls to upload on the internet? Well this warning is the beginning of the new Doctor Who episode released by BBC a few hours ago.

In the The Bells of Saint John prequel the Doctor is despondent because he did not found Clara, but now we find him retired to a monastery in the year 1207 AD. To be clear: The Bells of Saint John is the phone ringing, the old fashion phone set on the outside of TARDIS. The link to Saint John is the Saint John ambulance emblem on the TARDIS next door. At some point the  Doctor is told the the bells are ringing and he is hurrying to answer the phone. The woman searching for him got the number from someone from the shop sometimes in 2013, that person have told her the Doctor was offering the best tech support ever and she needed help to get the wi-fi connection.

When he finds out that the wi-fi password was rycbar123, the initials from run you clever boy and remember, the Doctor makes the connection between the unknown woman and the one searching for him… and a few seconds later he is at her door.

The episode is great, and the Doctor’s insistence to introduce himself to a Clara that didn’t remember him were useful when she was uploaded to an internet server (yes, she accidental accessed at some point the dangerous wi-fi). The Great Intelligence that make itself a presence in the Christmas Special is very much present in this episode, using people like puppets.

I rather write no more about this episode, it’s too dynamic and too intense to tell you more about it. My suggestion is to follow it, it’s the first page of an extraordinary adventure.

Series Producer Marcus Wilson, Director: Colm McCarthy, Producer: Denise Paul, Writer: Steven Moffat

Cast: The Doctor (Matt Smith), Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), Miss Kizlet (Celia Imrie), Mahler (Robert Whitlock), Alexei (Dan Li), Nabile (Manpreet Bachu), Paul (Sean Knopp), The Abbott (James Greene), George (Geff Francis), Angie (Eve de Leon Allen), Artie (Kassius Carey Johnson), Little Girl (Danielle Eames), Barista (Fred Pearson), Waitress (Jade Anouka), Newsreader (Olivia Hill), Child Reading with Comic (Isabella Blake-Thomas), Man with Chips (Matthew Earley), Pilot (Antony Edridge).

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Matt Smith’s interviews about the new series 7 episodes and Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Doctor Who will return to the screens this Saturday, with the Easter Special episode, so the actors and the trailers are in everyone attention. SFX, for example, buzzed the Eleventh Doctor himself, Matt Smith and started talking about Ice Warriors, Neil Gaiman, the big five-o and what it’s like to be a first class kind of chap…

This is a question I’ve never had a chance to ask anybody before: what’s it like being on a stamp?

It’s a great privilege that the nation will be licking the backs of our heads. It’s an amazing thing – I’m really proud to be part of it. It’s cool. it’s something that I can show my grandkids.

Would you feel a bit self-conscious, sticking it on a gas bill?

No, absolutely not. Take that, gas man! And give me some money off!

So the new series – we’ve seen the promo poster of you riding that great big bike. Are you good with bikes or was it a world of terror for you?

It was very exciting. I am innately very clumsy, and my mother has always forbidden me from getting a motorbike. I’ve driven mopeds before, abroad and stuff, without her knowing – well, now she knows. But that’s like a big old Harley looking bike, and I wouldn’t know where to begin… It was amazing filming those scenes. It was on a rig, and we got to sort of travel round London. Car rigs are different because you’re in a car, but being on a bike it’s like you’re on a sort of fairground ride. It was a really crisp, sunny day and we kept going around Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge and Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge and it was just one of those days where you think ‘This is a very privileged place to be for a day at work.’

The rest of the interview is here… Enjoy reading it.

Meantime, or something like that, Matt Smith has also talked to the people at Radio Times and, accordingly to the interview posted today, he has once again increased the hype ahead of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, calling it the biggest event in the history of the show. He also described Steven Moffat as one of the greatest science fiction writers around.

“I’ve read the first draft,” said Smith. “I think the whole of this season leads brilliantly up to what will be the biggest event in the history of the show. I say that with no hesitation, really. [Steven Moffat is] on top form and has delivered a thoroughly exciting, epic, vast science-fiction script. It’s really exciting.”

Shooting on the episode was originally slated to begin on Monday 18 March but has now been pushed back until April. Smith says he’s looking forward to filming a host of suprises and big Doctor Who moments scripted by showrunner Moffat.

The rest of the information is here.

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‘The Bells of Saint John’ Clips Doctor Who Series 7

Several clips about the first episode of the part b of Doctor Who Series 7 have been posted on Youtube recently. Enjoy the preview. 😀

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Series 7 part 2 episodes posters

The names of the new episodes of season 7 are:

Episode 6 – The Bells of Saint John

Episode 7 – The Rings of Akhaten

Episode 8 – Cold War

Episode 9 – Hide

The source of the images is facebook.

Series 7 Episode 6 - The Bells of Saint John


Series 7 Episode 7 - The Rings of Akhaten


Series 7 Episode 8 - Cold War


Series 7 Episode 9 - Hide

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Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman in Doctor Who series 7 new trailer at BBC One

Only 2 weeks remaining to the second part of Doctor Who 7 series (the Doctor will return to BBC 1 on 30th of March)… a new trailer has just been released.

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Doctor Who – New episodes March 30 BBC America

A new companion, 8 new episodes… March 30.

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Doctor Who Coming Soon on BBC America, Teaser 2013

You know it, right? 😀 Series 7 of Doctor Who is NOT over yet. Yes, there it was a break before The Snowmen, Christmas Special episode, but the show will go on next year on BBC One and BBC America.

“Running away with a Spaceman in a box, anything could happen to you…”

“That’s what I’m counting on.”

“I’m the Doctor. I’m an alien from outer space. I’m a thousand years old, I’ve got two hearts, and I can’t fly a plane!”

“Right then, Clara Oswald. Time to find out who you are…!”

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