Doctor Who series 9 in 81 seconds

How do you sum up 12 epic episodes of Doctor Who? Steven Moffat and the cast show us how! These are excerpts from Doctor Who extra, teasers, previews of episodes from series 9. You can watch these video on this site, posted during the last few months.

Don’t Look Round! – ‘Listen’ Teaser

During a trip with Clara to the end of the universe, the Doctor comes face to face with something that chills him to the bone. But what could frighten a man who has spent most of his very long life battling the galaxy’s most terrifying aliens?

Meantime, I hope you didn’t forget the next time trailer for this episode of Doctor Who.

What’s that in the mirror, or the corner of your eye?
What’s that footstep following, but never passing by?
Perhaps they’re all just waiting, perhaps when we’re all dead,
Out they’ll come a-slithering from underneath the bed….

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I see into your soul Doctor… – Series 8 teaser trailer

There are interesting times ahead for the new Doctor. It’s time you knew him… And, more, what’s interesting than a teaser trailer for series 8: BBC Wales announces a Cardiff premiere next month, August 7, before the first episode arriving on TV, allowing fans to see Peter Capaldi’s debut alongside the new Doctor, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat.

The lunchtime event will be held at St David’s Hall in the city and will kickstart the drama’s publicity world tour with tickets available to the public from St David’s Hall Box Office from Monday July 7. It means the very next week… The event is held in association with BFI Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder, and the full programme for which will be announced later this month. Tickets will be available to the public from 10am on 7 July from St David’s Hall Box Office on 029 2087 8444 or online at,

Let me remind you that Deep Breath, the feature-length premiere episode of the eighth series, will air on BBC1 on Saturday August 23.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013: The first TV teaser trailer

We’ve just watch The day of the Doctor, with great delight, of course, and the first glimpse of this year’s Christmas special were made available by BBC. We’ll have Cybermen, Weeping Angels and Daleks…

In the Time of the Doctor we follow Clara and the Time Lord to a quiet backwater planet in order to learn what some strange signals mean for his very existence. It’s midnight. It’s snowing. It’s Christmas. But there is nothing festive about The Doctor’s expression.

There’s a little more to learn from the 10-second teaser trailer. The Christmas episode, is the Matt Smith’s final appearance as The Doctor, and we will see the time-travellers return to Trenzalore, the site of the Doctor’s tomb and the place The Silents never wanted him to go…

And the Silence will fall…

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The Day of the Doctor BBC One TV Teaser Trailer

“What would you do if it all came back to you?”

November 23rd is The Day of The Doctor and time is up for the Last of the Time Lords, you can’t run forever. Trapped inside his own time stream with Clara by his side, the only way The Doctor can free themselves is by unlocking his darkest day: The Time War.

Some of you may notice the use of song ‘Line of Fire’ by Junip from the trailer made to advertise the end of AMC’s frankly genius Breaking Bad, which ended last Sunday.

By the way… this video is a fake-but-grand trailer for “Day of the Doctor,” from YouTube team VG934.

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Paul McGann’s Doctor Who audition tape teaser

In the mid 1990s, rights to make new Doctor Who were acquired by American producer Philip Segal. Commissioning a new series “Bible” – one that saw the Doctor and his half-brother the Master, searching for their long-lost father Ulysses – Segal began auditioning potential Doctors. Although much of this Bible was dispensed with in the eventual 1996 movie, Paul McGann auditioned using scripts based on these ideas.

The video is taken from Doctor Who: The Movie DVD release.

The Doctor Changes! – The bells of Saint John teaser

When he is alone in the TARDIS the Doctor raids the wardrobe and changes. And when it’s about a The bells of Saint John teaser we have the chance to see some parts of the new TARDIS. 😀 Enjoy. 😀

Remember that The Bells of Saint John finds the Doctor hunting for his one-time companion Clara Oswin Oswald in London where he discovers that there’s something dangerous in the Wi-Fi.

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The Doctor as Sherlock Holmes in the Christmas Special 2012

When the Doctor, the Time Lord, met sinister Doctor Simeon he pretended to be… Sherlock Holmes. The scene is from The Snowmen, Doctor Who Christmas special episode 2012.

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Doctor Who: ‘The Snowmen’ teaser two – Christmas Special

In this second Doctor Who teaser Jenny and Vastra confront the sinister Doctor Simeon. Enjoy, waiting the tomorrow episode broadcast on BBC One and BBC America.

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Series 7, episode 5, ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ teasers

A lone figure in the night visits the place ‘where the statues live’.

The three friends share some carefree moments in New York’s Central Park. What could possibly go wrong?

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Doctor Who: ‘The Power of Three’ teaser – Life with the Doctor was like this…

As you already know, the Ponds are caught between two worlds: half the time they are a normal young couple with friends over for dinner and all of the other aspect of a normal life, but the rest of the time they are travelling with The Doctor, exploring the universe and helping to save planet Earth.

Amy Pond reflects on her life as a part-time adventurer, and she have to choose: which life she wants?

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Doctor Who: ‘The Power of Three’ teaser – Invasion of the Very Small Cubes

 There’s a mystery to be solved, so who is involved? Everybody, right?

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Doctor Who series 7, A Town Called Mercy teaser: Meet the Gunslinger

 The Gunslinger hunts down his prey.

In this week episode, the third of season 7, the Doctor gets a Stetson (and a gun!), and finds himself the reluctant sheriff of a Western town under siege by a relentless cyborg.

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Dinosaurs on a Spaceship teaser: Run!

The Doctor and his friends meet the dinosaurs! Watch the episode on BBC tomorrow.

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Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship teaser – The Doctor and Nefertiti

In the series 7 episode 2, that’s going to be broadcast on Saturday, The Doctor has made quite an impression on Nefertiti and she’s not about to let him go… Girls, wouldn’t you do the same? 😀

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Doctor Who’s ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ teaser trailer

The Asylum of the Daleks premiere is known to be soon, but the official date is not sure yet. It was announced to be the end of August, but it can be in the first days of September. For the moment, let’s watch the teaser trailer… and wait (and wait, and wait…) until the first episode of the Doctor Who’s season 7.

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