The Fourth Doctor returns in animation – Shada trailer

Douglas Adams’ legendary half-finished Doctor Who adventure, Shada was never completed but what actually happened? Ahead of the abandoned classic being brought to life as a brand-new animation we explain why Shada was never originally completed.

A book from Gallifrey holds the key to Shada and you can watch it. Are you ready to travel with Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor, and Romana again? Shada is out on 24th November on EST platforms and on 4th December on DVD and Blu-ray:

Season 18 Trailer with Tom Baker

A fan-made trailer for the 18th series of classic Doctor Who, in which the Fourth Doctor gets trapped in E-space, meets Adric and Tegan, and forges an unlikely alliance with the Master.

Tom Baker’s best – 40 Years of The Fourth Doctor

This last Sunday, 28 December 2014, marked the 40th anniversary of Tom Baker‘s first full episode as the Fourth Doctor in “Robot”, something Blogtor saw fit to celebrate with a compilation video of his best moments: Tom Baker’s top 40 quotes as The Fourth Doctor, edited by Cameron K McEwan.

`The roots of evil` by Philip Reeve

`The roots of evil` by Philip Reeve is the fourth book in the series of stories celebrating the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. It feature the Fourth Doctor and Leela, they are visiting an immense tree space station known as Heligan Structure… something asleep for centuries, dreaming of vengeance against a mad man with a blue box. It’s obvious that the Time Lord and Leela are unwelcome guests, at least when the tree awakes.

The short ebook will be available from April 23. You can pre-order from Amazon (UK | US) and iTunes (UK | AU)