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The teaser trailer for the Doctor Who spin-off – Time never forgets. The Doctor travels through time and space, but he can’t always be there… And sometimes you have to take survival upon yourselves.

Just beyond what you see, just beyond what you know, there’s something out there waiting for you.

Doctor Who & time war

A great fan-made video about the Doctor and the time war, a tribute to the great show. The author tried to concentrate on The Doctor’s family and on the horror of the war.

So… Let’s sit down in the Diner with Clara and The Doctor, let’s listen to the story of a thousand years. The stories end up with memories, but some stories might become in the end a song…

TARDIS Dematerialisation – VFX Shot

Since the TARDIS’ dematerialisation effect has remained largely unchanged for the past 50 years, John Smith thought it might be interesting to try out a new approach. So this is his attempt at capturing what travelling through time and space might look like from the point of view of the TARDIS – from take-off to landing, all in one shot.

He’s done a startlingly good job, right?

The Time Run Starring David Tennant and Colum Regan

The Time Run is a feature-length film (50 minutes) created by combining 700 non-repeating, unmanipulated clips of David Tennant running as The Tenth Doctor; sourced from 58 separate episodes, clips, shorts, and animated features.

The Time Run also features a Special Guest from Doctor Who. You can watch the high quality version at

A Matter of Time – 2005-2014 Doctor Who Tribute

A fan-made video, a tribute to the last 8 years of Doctor Who series. Music: “Jodie’s Suite” – Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer.

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Doctor Who Animation – 50 Years in Time and Space

A great animation by Richard Swarbrick @RikkiLeaks with the ocassion of 50th anniversary.

Additional animation by Eva Wagner @ScribbleUrges

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Queen Elizabeth’s credentials from The Day of the Doctor and it’s broadcast time

A sneak peek from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor: The Doctor and Clara are shown something that doesn’t seem possible.

As you may found out, BBC have confirmed the broadcast time of 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor as 7.50pm (GMT). Around the world, that equates to:

  • 2.50pm in New York
  • 11.50am in Los Angeles
  • 6.50am on Sunday 24 in Sydney

The episode is 75 minutes long.

You can check out our list of the over 75 broadcasters who will be screening the episode simultaneously, alongside selected cinemas worldwide.

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BBC America wil premiere ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ for Doctor Who 50th anniversary

BBC AMERICA has announced casting for ‘An Adventure of Space and Time,’ a film dramatization of the creation of Doctor Who, 50 years ago. David Bradley will play actor William Hartnell (the first Doctor), Jessica Raine will play producer Verity Lambert and Brian Cox has been cast as BBC Head of Drama Sydney Newman.  Sacha Dhawan will play Waris Hussein, director of Doctor Who‘s premiere episode, “An Unearthly Child”.

The scriptwriter Mark Gatiss has already been announced as writer, and he’s also serving as executive producer alongside current Doctor Who execs Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner. The film is a co-production between BBC AMERICA and BBC Cymru Wales and will air later in 2013.

You can find more information here.

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An Adventure in Time and Space, the 50th Doctor Who anniversary movie

I am not sure if I should be happy or I should weep, but, as BBC announced yesterday, Matt Gatiss has been commissioned by BBC Two to write a drama to tell the story of the Doctor’s genesis. The movie is set to air in 2013 as part of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations.

From my point of view, the mystery of Doctor’s origin is a part of great flavor of the the Doctor Who series. I appreciate a good movie, but I do not want a solve a mystery and leave an empty “space” instead of it. I would rather open the possibility to ask new questions, to let other mysteries enter, to be surprised.

The BBC today announces that a special BBC TWO drama has been commissioned to mark the 50thanniversary of Doctor Who next year.

An Adventure in Space and Time will tell the story of the genesis of Doctor Who since its first broadcast on 23 November 1963.  Exploring all aspects of the longest running science fiction series to date, the special one off 90 minute drama will also look at the many personalities involved in bringing the series to life.

Written by Mark Gatiss, it is Executive Produced by current Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner.  The single drama was commissioned by Ben Stephenson Controller, Drama and Janice Hadlow, Controller of BBC TWO.

Dalek Tales – The Dalek that time forgot

A great story with and about the Dalek created by timelash.

 History is in peril, the crack in the universe is changing the very fabric of reality. Leaving earth the new paradigm see an opportunity which will lead one Dalek on its path to destiny. Dalek Caan the saviour of the Daleks..

 Skaro, The ancient planet of the Daleks.. it is a time of crisis, a time of war. In the Dalek City, there is one who stands against time, one who is hidden. Caan The saviour.

 Skaro is saved and the future of the paradigm is secure. Caan returns to finish his mission, or has he..

 The Time War, it spread across the universe effecting the nature of reality. At the Gates of Elysium the Daleks spread there destruction, and the very thing they created destroys the very thing that created them.

The game Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

In the last days of 2011 (20th of December) BBC Worldwide launched a preview for the upcoming multiplayer games called Doctor Who: Worlds in Time so that the fans of the series can get a taste of what the game will look like. You can watch that preview in the following video. The site of the game is – you’d better visit it often if you want to be informed about what’s happening next and when.


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