Fan-made series 11 title sequence

Brand new revamped and refreshed fan-made titles for a new era of Doctor Who. The series will be probabil out next year, with the first female Doctor. Music by Helmut Hampton, animation by the Youtuber Jacks Space.

Version 2.0 of “Ink” concept title sequence for the series 11 by the Youtuber Walrus is in the Matrix.

Sylvester McCoy title sequence recreation

This was one of the first major CGI title sequences for any TV programme. Doctor Who received its first in 1987, with a budget of £20,000 and 6 weeks to spare. Some effects took whole days to be created. Almost 30 years later, here it is recreated in around 24 hours.

The time of the Doctor – Alternate title sequence

A fan-made alternate opening title sequence done in Sony Vegas Pro 12 and Adobe After Effects CC by Daniel J. Patton.

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Fan made series 8 title sequence

The author, YouTube user Jon Smith, plans to make a new video every other week, so subscribe for more!

This time, rather than going overboard with the effects, he tried to keep the whole thing as simple and classic as possible for Capaldi’s first series. Nothing too crazy – though maybe just a few unique touches.

The video was done entirely in After Effects using Element 3D.

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