Every Doctor Who Story – Babelcolour’s 2018 update

Recommended in Doctor Who Magazine Issue 524 and by the BBC America blog, this is the 2018 update of Babelcolour’s Every Doctor Who Story tribute. The opening monologue in the fan-made video owes a huge debt of thanks to the generous contributions made by an amazing group of voice artists – Jon Culshaw, Jonathon Carley, Elliott Crossley, Stuart Grant, John Guilor, Wink Taylor, Christopher Thomson and Peter Walsh.

River Song, the journey


This should be one of the rides of a lifetime. At least, the ride of River Song’s lifetime: in this video you can
watch every single scene from Doctor Who that River Song appears in… in the order she lived them. You might need some tissues: from birth to death, River Song has had one of the most wild timey-wimey adventures anyone could ever have with the Doctor.

The video was compiled by Todd and Conner Partridge.

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A Matter of Time – 2005-2014 Doctor Who Tribute

A fan-made video, a tribute to the last 8 years of Doctor Who series. Music: “Jodie’s Suite” – Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer.

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Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor is a Badass

What would be the Doctor without his fans? You must think he is fun, a wonderer with some kind of darkness inside. You can only love him or hate him, there no middle to these. Some consider him as a badass, and for good reasons. This fan made video contains scenes from the Doctor Who’s sixth series.

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Doctor Who’s ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ teaser trailer

The Asylum of the Daleks premiere is known to be soon, but the official date is not sure yet. It was announced to be the end of August, but it can be in the first days of September. For the moment, let’s watch the teaser trailer… and wait (and wait, and wait…) until the first episode of the Doctor Who’s season 7.

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Doctor Who filming series 7, The Crimson Horror

 Doctor Who series 7 episode 9, “The Crimson Horror” by Mark Gatiss, in Rhymney, Tredegar. In the video appear the Doctor, Clara and Edmund

 Dan Starkey in between takes, playing Commander Strax from A Good Man Goes To War, from the filming for series 7 episode 9 of Doctor Who, “The Crimson Horror”.

Doctor Who companions

 Song: “A Girl From Earth” by Turn Left.

Art from deviantart.com: moonneko14, shatzy shell, Harrekka, Blue Carrot Unmei, Oni, pixelante, SirPaahdin, miyavi, princesshannah, strawberrygina, bobpsycho, Nia Phoenix, eggsding, Gallifery, grantgoboom, deedeedee123, Rosie11, Flameshadow117, tsukireiko, cardinalbiggles, MiasOtherFanart, Jackademus, FireFiriel, paulhanley, Autumn Sacura, snow jemima, ladyyatexel, Nemo the Everbeing, Lithrael, GinaInTheKingsRoad, Girl on the Moon, nuriwan, purpleandsparkling, squidlarkin, Crackers42, Firefly of death, infiniteviking, AdAbsurdum, demonoflight, Seiryuu-san, stratosmacca, faeriecarousel, eclecticmuse, Larissa Bright, ForgottenButton, fory san, jlfletch, Jkwoo1970, KiearaPhoenix, rhamana, hi3ei, osmosis8, whosname, solemnlyswear22, Harnois75, Captain Chaotica, thecosmicdancer, jagarnot, Ethelfan, nendawen, rakuyou, Lorien79, caldwellart, S von P, cutey storm.

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Doctor Who: the trip of a lifetime [series 1-6 trailer]

This video was made as a celebration of Doctor Who new series (1 to 6) from 2005-2011. It wasn’t me, someone else made it, but I hope you’ll understand why I love Doctor Who.

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Karen Gillan’s Video Diary From Series 5

Day 1 - A backstage look from Karen Gillan of her time on Doctor Who

Day 2 - More backstage from Karen Gillan

Day 3 - Sandwich time on the set with Karen Gillan and Matt Smith

Day 4 - She’s going under as she films a scene for The hungry Earth where she has to be pulled into the Earth

Day 5 - Hanging around in the set of Doctor Who with Karen Gillan

Billie Piper’s Doctor Who video diary

I had never known until this night that Billie Piper had a video diary while acting in Doctor Who as Rose Tyler, but I am not surprised.

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Doctor Who – Cast and crew, special

The video was made by Jennie Fava and it was edited by Geraint Huw Reynolds. It’s interesting to find more about the people behind Doctor Who series, to put a face to a name… and it’s also fun (the video).  It was made for the end of David Tennant’s tenure as the Doctor.