Women of Doctor Who: Donna Noble

“Donna turned out to be one of the best companions!”, so says The Nerdist’s CHLOE DYKSTRA in this exclusive sneak peek at BBC America’s All New Special The women of Doctor Who.

Revisit the Tenth Doctor’s beloved companion DONNA NOBLE (Catherine Tate) with commentary from celebrity Whovians, including DW Executive Producer and lead writer Steven Moffat, the Fifth Doctor’s PETER DAVISON, Wired’s ADAM ROGERS, The Nerdist’s CHRIS HARDWICK & JONAH RAY and more.

Find out why The Doctor & Donna’s relationship is described as “a buddy cop movie,” and why their comedic chemistry has earned them so many fans.

Behind every great Time Lord, there’s a great woman. Whether they’re busting Daleks or the Doctor’s ego, the women of Doctor Who prove that you don’t need testosterone to save the universe. This All New Special explores the females at the Doctor’s side through all of time and space.