An Adventure in Space and Time – 50th Anniversary

And so it begins… 😀 Every adventure begins with one vision. Travel back in time to see how a show defied the odds to become a legend.

No bug-eyed monsters, a journey back to the birth of Doctor Who in this clip from An Adventure in Space and Time…

David Bradley as First Doctor William Hartnell: relive the genesis of Doctor Who with the premiere film An adventure in space and time starring David Bradley as First Doctor.

Part of Doctor Who Takeover Week, leading into the 50th Anniversary Special The Day of The Doctor.

Travel back to witness the genius that was the first Doctor and the unlikely production team behind the series, Verity Lambert (Jessica Raine), Waris Hussein (Sascha Dhawan) and Sydney Newman (Brian Cox). From writer and executive producer Mark Gatiss executive producers Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner and director Terry McDonough, the stylish drama reveals the struggles and ultimate triumph of the British series created to keep the sports fans and kids hooked.

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