A race against the Sun

The very second episode of the new Doctor Who series, where the Doctor took Rose to the end of the world. The show has not changed to much since then: the companions came and went, the Doctor had changed, but one thing remained the same: he is always running to save something. Or someone. And you have to love him for that.

Some things are unavoidable, others can be changed. But you can be sure that the Doctor will be always there, in the middle of the action, often without knowing what brought him there or why. He is getting us with him along the action, and we ask him (the producers, the actors, the screen writers) for more and more.

6 years have past since the broadcast of that episode. It’s the middle of the seventh series and the show is not going to stop any time soon. As you already know, the Ponds have left, another companion is going to meet the doctor in December, at Christmas special episode. The Doctor is going to change again, to meet half way the Jenna-Louise’s character, but he will run to save the world many times from now on.

I hope you’l enjoy the show. I know I will.

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