Beat the clock

A comedy short for Idiot’s Lantern: Gallifrey One 2016 Convention. With the Twelfth Doctor guides an office worker through a stressful situation to score the ultimate prize, with only 66 seconds to beat the clock!

Done in the single-shot style of “Birdman”, and spoofing the Doctor Who episode “Mummy On The Orient Express,” this was a video skit that played live at the Gallifrey One 2016 convention main stage during the Idiot’s Lantern skit show.

Made by the people who brought you “The Doctor Games” viral video and Visual Spice Productions.
Twelfth Doctor: Kevin Kittridge
Hero: Joshua Poole
Boss: Noah Bremer
Manager: Bob Mitsch
Hero’s Friend: Athena Stamos
Burrito Lover: Julie Jekel
Office Workers: Brian Finifter, Teri Samuels

Director/Camera: Brad Hansen
Producers: Athena Stamos, Brad Hansen
Writers: Kevin Kittridge, Brad Hansen, Bob Mitsch
Music: Murray Gold


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