Doctor Who inside look: The Angels take Manhattan

The last weekend the Ponds left the Doctor Who after 2 great years (Karen Gillan joined in 2009 and Arthur Darvill joined in 2010). The episode was one filled with sadness and satisfaction – at least they lived a full life together.

“It’s our last episode, and it is one of those brilliant complicated DOCTOR WHO stories – but it’s told so brilliantly.” – ARTHUR DARVILL (Rory Williams)

“The very first episode that I ever shot with Matt & Karen was the Weeping Angels episode… In a weird way, this is now the bookend because it’s Amy’s last episode as well.” – Alex Kingston (River Song)

“I defy you if you’re a WHO fan to not have a lump in your throat somewhere by the end of it. And if you don’t, then you’re an alien. And if you are an alien, then I’m coming to get ya!” – MATT SMITH (The Doctor)

Get the exclusive scoop on the Fall Season Finale DOCTOR WHO, “The Angels Take Manhattan,” featuring new interviews with stars MATT, ARTHUR, ALEX and KAREN GILLAN (Amy Pond)


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