Doctor Who PlayStation home trailer

From this Wednesday, March 27, Doctor Who will come to life like never before in the virtual world of PlayStation Home – offering more than 31 million gamers the chance to interact with iconic elements, environments and costumes from the series.

You can dress up as the Doctor, River Song or even a Silent… 😀

You can deck yourself out in the Eleventh Doctor’s classic tweed jacket and bowtie outfit, and even accessorise with your very own Sonic Screwdriver. For prospective companions, there’s River Song’s catsuit, complete with PDA accessory – but, please don’t peek at her diary. If you fancy being an alien, you can become a prehistoricSilurian or suit up as an ominous Silent. You can even acquire a Cybermat as a companion that will follow you around PlayStation Home (nanovirus – fortunately – not included).

You can find more information and see some pictures here.

Good to know: In celebration of the series’ 50th Anniversary, additional Doctor Who themed virtual goods, environments and social experiences will be added to Doctor Who on PlayStation Home throughout 2013.


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