Doctor Who: Time Crash (2007)

Time Crash” is a mini-episode of the series Doctor Who. It was broadcast on 16 November 2007, as part of the BBC One telethon for the children’s charity Children in Need. It was written by Steven Moffat, it starrs David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) and Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor).

The episode takes place within the final scene of “Last of the Time Lords”. After the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) get to their separate ways he tries taking of but the TARDIS to spin wildly and sound an alarm. Checking out the systems, the Doctor passes someone else doing the same thing: his fifth incarnation (Peter Davison). The Tenth Doctor recognizes his past self and is overjoyed to see him, gently poking fun of his particular eccentricities, such as the unneeded glasses he sometimes wears. The Fifth Doctor is annoyed, believing his counterpart to be a fan who has broken into the TARDIS.

The Fifth Doctor discovers that two TARDISes have merged, a paradox that will cause a massive black hole. The Tenth Doctor counters it with a supernova, a solution he remembers seeing himself perform in this same incident (a predestination paradox); the Fifth Doctor realizes that the Tenth really is his future self.

As the time streams split, the Fifth Doctor calls out, warning the Tenth to put his shields up. But it is too late; the Titanic collides with the TARDIS, leading the narrative into “Voyage of the Damned”.


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