Epic Soundtrack Music Mix for 50th Anniversary (Murray Gold)

A mix of many of Murray Gold’s best scores for Doctor Who ever since it came back in 2005. The author says it’s not just one music after another, the goal was to mix it all in such a way that there’s a natural flow to it.

The tracks used for the mix:

Westminster Bridge
Doctor Who Theme
Doctor Who Opening Credits
Doctor Who XI
You’re Fired
Martha’s Quest
The Speeder
The Doctor Forever
Time is Moving
Together or Not at All (The Song of Amy and Rory)
The Emperor’s Wife
The Dream of a Normal Death
Remember Me
Final Days
The Clouds Pass
Up The Shard
I See You, Silence
My Husband’s Home
UNIT Rocks
Flying Home for Christmas
A Pressing Need TO Save The WOrld
The Greatest Story Never Told
The Sun’s Gone Wibbly
I am the Doctor
This is Gallifrey – Our Childhood, Our Home
Emotions get the Better of Him
The Course of My Life
My Time is Running Out
Everything has to End Sometime
Abigail’s Song (Silence is all you Know)
Rose’s Theme
Owin Oswald
The Face of Boe
The Leaf
The Life and Death of Amy Pond
A Dazzling End
A Song of Captivity and Freedom
Song of Freedom
The Enigma of River Song
Four Knocks
Towards the Asylume
All the Strange, Strange Creatures
Locked On
Pay Attention, Grown Ups
A Very Unusual Melody
Cumbria 1207
God of Akhaten
The Long Song
The Futurekind
Make Peace
The Salvation of Kahler Jex
Hone I’m Home
Madame de Pompadour
A Useful Striker
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
I Might Change My Mind
Only Martha Knows
Melody Pond
Day of the Moon
Bah Bah Biker
Goodbye, Pond
The Mad Man with a Box
The Sad Man with a Box
Amy in the TARDIS
The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble
The Majestic Tale
Some Wednesday
The Doctor’s Theme Series 4
Whose Enigma
Vale Decem
To Save the Doctor
A Secret He Will Take to the Grave


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