Flying TARDIS over San Diego during Comic-Con

The video was recorded by Otto Dieffenbachm, a marketing director for Flyguy Promotions, a company that specializes in building flyable objects for brands, for his team film session with October Films LTD out of the UK. The interview and video will be seen in the US on Outrageous Acts of Science and in the UK on You’ve Been Warned.

The structure of the blue box is built from foam, wood, and carbon fiber, weighing four pounds. “It is bigger on the inside enabling it to house all the electronics for flight”, Otto joked. “The TARDIS is a radio-controlled platform that is more like a plane than a helicopter. It has four internal motors that supply 10 pounds of thrust and four flight control surfaces. In hover, during takeoff and landing, the motors and control surfaces provide guidance and stability. During horizontal flight, the control surfaces provide primary control.”


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