Listen by Legs Nose Robinson – Original Trock (Time Lord Rock)

From the same Time Lords that brought you Hey Missy, Legs Nose Robinson presents something new, something else entirely: their latest single, perhaps the first ever true [TARDIS] blue Trock anthem, Listen, is like nothing Doctor Who fans have ever heard before. Inspired by the episode with the same name, “Listen” has three times the length of the Hey Missy and absolutely none of the comforting familiarity of their first one-hit-wonder. But Legs Nose Robinson is sure that this song will leave Whovians everywhere saying, “Wait, that was just too many ‘feels.’” and, “But I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Clara”…oh yeah, they totally kind of imply going there.

Have you
Ever spoken
To yourself
When no one is there
Have you
Felt the presence
And the chill
But no one’s standing near you
Because the hand that is felt
Is never seen
Afraid to look
And afraid to scream
It’s with you always
It’s in your dreams
Hiding there
Always just beneath

It doesn’t matter what’s really there
You’re never alone no not anywhere

Listen, listen
We’re all afraid of the dark
No matter, what age
We’re all still kids at heart
Fear takes, and fear makes
Companions of us all
So listen
Listen to it all

Hey, hey
Oh what’s that sound
And what does it sound like
When no one’s around
Hey, oh
What’s by your side
And what’s the thing
That keeps you up at night
Hey, hey (Maybe just maybe)
What is that sound (We’re never alone)
And what does it sound like (Never alone)
When no one’s around (Not anywhere)
Hey, oh (Maybe just maybe)
What’s by your side (We’re never alone)
And what’s the thing (Never alone)
That keeps you up at night (Not anywhere)

You’ll always wonder what’s underneath
Can you listen long enough to see

(Chorus x 2)

Fear can take you
And fear can break you
But fear can make you
Into what you are listen

It’s alright to
Be afraid and
Sometimes ask
Yourself what you are

Time ticks time tocks time turns time locks
Time flows time flies time flees time lies
Sometimes time moves and it it
Changes what you are
So Lay back down and


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