Matt Smith dangles from the TARDIS above Trafalgar square, Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

This video is an intelligence report from Strax… 😀 Even more London based action this morning as a peculiar blue box and it’s owner dropped into Trafalgar Square for filming for the 50th anniversary special while the Eleventh Doctor and his companion (Matt Smith, and possibly a stunt double, and Jenna-Louise Coleman) were filming earlier today.

After being hoisted into the air by a crane alongside Nelson’s Column, Matt Smith proceeded to film the dramatic scenes whilst suspended above gathering crowds of spectators. Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character, Clara Oswald, is standing in the doorway of the Tardis as her travelling companion clings on beneath her.

In between filming, Matt Smith strolled around the square, obliging his gathering fans by signing autographs and filming footage for a behind-the-scenes video, which also features a message from Sontaran commander Strax.


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