Matt Smith’s IGN Interview at Comic Con 2013 in San Diego

Recently, the current but not for much time Doctor, Matt Smith, told IGN at this year’s Comic Con that he would be keen on a role in Star Trek: “Yeah, I would JJ,… or Star Wars. So just putting it out there.”

He will be the Doctor until this year Christmas special, but he’s already looking for work again: “I go back to auditioning and trying to get a job. Someone employ me.” Meantime he fancies a role in JJ’s Star Trek, but he also admits Benedict Cumberbatch is doing a great job.

In the interview Mat Smith also revealed he knows a bit about this year’s Christmas special… and suggested that the new Doctor could be a woman.

It’s not over for me yet, I’ve still got the Christmas special. Apparently it’s like 20 pages in, Steven [Moffat] was telling me about it last night – it sounds exciting.

I don’t want to speculate too much. I feel like that’s maybe not my place to. Whoever it is will be the right actor or actress – lets wait and see who she is.

It can be anyone. It can be anyone – and that’s the great thing about the part. If Helen Mirren did it or if you know, there’s so many female actresses who’d be amazing.

He’s an alien, or she’s an alien, it doesn’t matter. The doctor is a complete alien. It’s why the notion of getting married or cooking scrambled eggs makes him say ‘What on earth are you doing?’

Enjoy watching the entire interview. 😀

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